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Borame is a perfect home for everyone and all

By Ahmed Abib Hayir


Will you not be surprised like I am by the love! Yes, the love that claimed Elmi Bodhari (The Great Somali Lover) is now traveling all the way from Berbera to my home town, Borame!!? Young men from Berbera are bringing this love as a cherished gift to these ever-appreciated girls here in Borame. You may wonder why? But the fact is that so many men from Berbera I know are now married to girls from Borame. Does the same thing hold true there in Berbera? Are so many men from Borame married to those girls there in Berbera? Who knows? I have not been to Berbera yet. But if all I witness is this fact that men from Berbera are still pursuing those girls in Borame as their eternal partners, who is to compensate!? Do men from Borame want to take this same love, the Elmi Bodhar’s back to the girls in Berbera? But this time not as gift but as a reward? Or is it this love itself that chooses Borame not only as its last destination but as its perfect home as well.


Amoud University is headquartered in Borame. Large numbers of students are coming from all regions, far and wide, to Borame for their university studies in Amoud. It is of fundamental truth however that when students are moving to new places for studies, they think more about the sort of lifestyle to lead away from home. The likely homesickness to experience, the ever-possible yearning desire to feel for home and the kind of climate to live with is perhaps what dominates their minds. But I say, besides studies, these students will have to think what good it may mean to move to a new place. They have to imagine what any new place ought to mean socially, the new friends they will make, the special privilege they will as guests enjoy and the recognition they will secure. All depends on the nature of the place that receives these students as guests though they may not foretell with certainty what any place holds for them


It is however far more importance to tell above anything else that Borame, my hometown appeals all guests and particularly students with a rate that surprises them and even surpasses their fondest hopes. Here in Borame, the friendly welcome of all people, the irresistible beauty of girls, the moderate climate and the abundant rainfall will subdue any home-related emotions the coming students may ever claim.


Mahamed Farah Ali came all the way from Berbera, his hometown, to Borame as a student in the year 2003. This time Mahamed may or may not have had the one prime goal to attend Amoud University. But as a social competent, making interaction with these same people in Borame was also taking on proportions of high convenience in Mohamed’s life. And as the days went gliding by, he found himself seizing upon the social opportunities referred for the fulfillment of his desires. He has made many friends here. I am his close friend myself. Mahamed, a well-adjusted man, has behaved as any other ordinary individual in Borame does. And Mohamed and people here belong to the same town, Borame. Experiencing varying degrees of all these relationships he has established with people here, Mohammed has also developed strong love for his present town, Borame.

Mahamed fell in love with Ayan Jamac Adar, may that love be as strong as Elmi Bodhr’s, And when he got married her, he caught the fascination of the people here in Borame. Particularly, I shared in his joy with a friendly glow and he accepted my sincerest congratulations. Mahamed is now a senior student. He is my classmate. And he leads a happy life.


However, not so long after his wedding, Mahamed surprised me one day. It was still early in the morning there at Amoud University main campus out of the town. The buses had already taken us there for our usual university classes. The wintry mist was now melting under the glare of the sun. Students were waiting for the lecture soon starting then. This time they were scattered sitting in groups all across the campus area. Enjoying the warmth of a heavy coat I was wearing, I just came out of a classroom and walked past Mohamed among his friend. Only after several steps ahead on my way along the corridor in front of the classes, had I been called back. Turning round, my eyes caught Mohamed withdrawing from the friends and walking towards me. Approaching acceptably, I went back to him shaking hands we exchanged greetings. I could already feel the glow of delights in Mohamed’s eyes this time. But I only looked forward to what amazing things he was to tell me. He started talking though his words came hard. I only understood all what he uttered something that sounded like ….Hodan, my dough….my daughter. It was no figure of speech but literally true, that his tongue clove to the roof of his mouth and at first, he could hardly get out a word giving way to his excessive happiness. He struggled for a time under a feeling of apparent emotion. My share in his talk only consisted of nods and gestures. He soon regained the composure of his mind and the balance of his speech. Breathing heavily, he told me he had had a baby girl. He names it Hodan. Amid a short silence that followed afterwards, I was myself lost in his strong feelings of happy emotion. And nodding my head up and down forcing even a wider smile, no responsive message in me sought for an outlet in line with Mohamed’s feelings. I felt as if my mouth was filled with cotton. I said nothing. My words failed me and escaped. Still standing erect in front of him under the influence of his intense happiness, silence invited him to talk again. He explained how happy he was with Hodan as his first child ever. I then said not convincingly though ‘Congratulations.. aaa Mohamed  ...I’m happy with you…..’


I left him somewhat ashamed and emotional. I could not ascertain the depth of my happiness and the feeling I had to share with Mohammed this time. And how delighted Mohammed would have been, had he realized my celebrations after all. I told all our associates about the birth of Hodan as his daughter happily. Our classmates were all happy with that surprising news that even of necessity they conveyed their congratulations to Mahamed.


Since Hodan’s birth Mohamed’s Life has been taking shape and forging ahead happily. Besides thinking the inward satisfaction and the pleasure he enjoys, an arousal of enthusiasm for studies has taken root in Mohamed’s mind. He pursues success in studies like the energy of a bulldog after a cat. Hodan relates to his struggles, hopes and triumphs.


Mohamed and I were always marked in the same class since his arrival here in Borame. Our relations have grown to large dimensions. He is not only my classmate but he is also my close friend from Berbera. The gratifying measure of success Mahamed has made sure here in is an example not for one but for all. Like Mahamed, I even can hardly go wrong with the fact that marriage drives you through triumphant. There is magic in it and never to be forgotten thrill. It is a voluntary path to spontaneous cheerfulness. It will appeal to your pride of personal accomplishment. It will raise you above your fellow men. It will cause your mind to grow to real productive power. And since Hodan’s birth, the subject of marriage has been widening and enlarging in my mind. So, to compensate Mahamed can I have my would-be partner in Berbera? Who Knows?!!!

The pen of Ahmed Abib Hayir

Amoud University, senior student
E-mail: [email protected]

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