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Unity is paramount

by AM Nur (Dhaashane)


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For the past few months, many Somalis have been presenting some solutions to the catastrophe that befell them. Many have tried to prescribe the right medication, whereas many others remained silent and furious.  The main objective for these presentations was to find the root of Somalis’ fragmentation and to search for a political solution to defeat the occupying enemy and its proxy puppets. Some suggest that the problem is due to tribal divisions; others say that a foreign intervention was to blame and so on. As far as I am concerned, lack of sincerity is the main cause to our fragmentation and Islam is the ultimate solution. If people were sincere to Allah (SWT) and followed his commandments, there wouldn’t be a chance for tribal divisions and the hatred between tribes that seem to be a perennial problem. Such division and hatred is un-Islamic, and can be treated with sincerity as we saw during the Union of Islamic Courts’ rule in Mogadishu, regardless of those who are in denial, because of their tribal loyalty.


As for the foreign intervention, it is something that we have created ourselves, because of the greed and egotism of individuals from among every tribe. If sincerity takes its root and Islam is to be practiced in its real context, such individuals would not have a chance to pop up and our enemy would have been repulsed. However, people are prolonging their suffering by remaining loyal to their clan elders or opportunist individuals, who have no mercy for them. They are willing to sacrifice everything for the enemy and ultimately surrender our country to our number one enemy, the Ethiopians.


 On the other hand, if people were to unite under any tenets other than tribalism, the consequences would have been far less than it is today. Unity is strength and division is weakness, but its viability needs manhood, diligence, sacrifice and commitment. Our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters are wailing, because they are under perpetual artillery shells of the enemy and we are still pointing fingers at each other. Every nation’s revival depends on its own people; this is the time for Somalis to unite and save their people from the Ethiopian hegemony and not listen to those ignorant and naïve individuals among us. Our country has been subdued, which means not only degradation to our honor and dignity but also no future for our children and grandchildren. The so-called transitional federal government’s practices, which seem to wreak vengeance, will never step aside without struggle and they are there to placate the Ethiopians. It is time for us to differentiate between domestic and foreign problems and stand up for our people’s rights. No one is criminal for defending his/her country and everyone is innocent until he/she is proven guilty, at least in theory. For example, if France were to attack UK and occupy, no one would ever say that British patriots are criminals or call them a terrorists. For our country’s survival, the future of our offspring, we have to repulse our enemy and sincerity must be applied. Hence, Unity is paramount.


Nevertheless, for those of us, who believe that democracy is the solution to our problems, I challenge you to state, which version of democracy? Many of us are suspicious of democracy, simply because those who promote democracy seem to have two different versions of it, and thus undermine its true identity. For example, by definition, democracy means that people should choose their leaders to avoid dictatorship. Yet, in practice that applies to only the Western world. In the case of Somalia, The US and the Western world are trying to impose a government hand picked by Somalis’ number-one enemy (Ethiopia) and are calling it legitimate.  Is it not for Somalis to choose their own leaders? Or does it not matter as far as the outcome placates the Western world? At the same time, the leader of this Ethiopian-chosen government is a dictator and warlord, who is known for his tribal apartheid. Furthermore, most of his ministers and parliamentarians are also composed of warlords who were the main cause of instability in Somalia for the past decade and half. How can someone support a dictator, deny peoples’ basic rights and at the same time claim to be a democratic campaigner? Is this the version of democracy we have been promised? Where are the rights for Somalis to choose their leaders?


Is it democratic to bombard Somalis’ herdsmen and their livestock indiscriminately, under the pretext of three alleged terror suspects supposedly hiding in the country? Would the Americans be bombarding any of their cities if there were hundreds of terror suspects in hiding? Do the hidings of three terror suspects in Somalia (if any) constitute or justify such cruel actions against hundreds of innocent men, women and children in Somalia which continues till this moment. Such practices not only increase the anti-democratic sentiments in the world but are also counterproductive to its future.


Similarly, the US and Western world refuses to support and recognize an overwhelmingly elected government of Lebanon led by Hamas. Therefore, it is true to say that democracy is a tool with two sharp edges. In other words, it bullies poor and weak nations and is a weapon of destruction and humiliation for others.


Finally, this fragmentation and tribal hatred that is based on egotism do not benefit anyone; instead, it is a threat to our existence. We must replace it with harmony, peace and love and unite against our common enemy, the Ethiopians. We must also recognize that, it is a grave historic mistake that will lead our nation to demise.

AM Nur (Dhaashane)

London UK

Email: [email protected]

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