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Stop The War Before It Is Too Late

by Abdi-Noor Mohamed


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Indiscriminate shooting on residential areas constitute a crime against humanity and those who are fighting in the city of Mogadishu or Kismayo or anywhere else, be they government or insurgents, should know that Somalis shall one day be able to get rid of both of them: The TFG and the Asmara group. A new dawn shall break out for
Somalia, no matter how long it takes and how painstaking the struggle shall be.  


Please Somalis don’t support anyone of them; never take sides with people who seek stability through chaos and who make fortune out of people’s misery. Tanks and bombs exploding at the roadsides are their peace envoys which each party sends to its adversary to stop war. How can we live in a city where antagonism has reached such a level that tanks are peace negotiators with the understanding that fire could be extinguished with fire? They use dirty tricks of abusing and corrupting our youth to make them firewood for their endless wars.  Suppose one group won the war. How would that group celebrate victory when they shed billions of gallons of their people’s blood?


Please share this poem with me:


If you are a human being

Sort out your differences

Save life for the sake of life


Hide not behind the people
Make not the city a battlefield
Mogadishu is tired of fighting

Be not concerned of your greed
Think of the civilian casualty

Think of the innocent children

But if you are a monster
A bloodsucker and a beast

A traitor and a collaborator


If you are a monster

A terrorist or insurgent
Do whatever you want

The irresistible force
Of people's will-power
Shall one day lick you

You are a real loser
Fighting a zero sum war

Evoking fear and horror


But Fear has no face of its own
It takes the face of the coward
The one you are putting on now


You the traitor and collaborator

You the bloodsucker and beast

You the terrorist and insurgent
Stop war before it is too late.

Abdi-Noor Mohamed
Mogadishu, Somalia
[email protected]

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