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Murdering Children To Please Allah
Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed
Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two evil groups are fighting in Mogadishu. One is the Transitional Federal government (TFG) backed by Ethiopia and the other is the Islamic insurgents whose actions are more anti-Islamic as they seek power through the barrel of the gun. The two groups, let me say bitter rivals, exchange mortar attacks while hiding in safe bunkers, causing tremendous havoc and tragedy to the local populations. They have already evacuated their wives and children to safer and peaceful locations in the west and elsewhere in the world.


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Not long ago a mortar bomb landed on five children who were playing at the backyard of their house with supposedly empty stomachs and probably lived in a dilapidated shelter. They might have been waiting for some food to be dropped by but unfortunately rockets became the bread they were waiting for. What have these children done wrong? Whose camp did they intrude illegally?
They deserved to enjoy life at that tender age of childhood era. They were supposed to be given love and attention and provide them with education and health services and not to be pounded with heavy artillery exchanged by power hungry monsters who call themselves leaders of TFG,  Islamic Clerics, or Free Parliament etc. 

The responsibility of firing these rockets were immediately thrown upon the shoulders of   insurgents who believe to be fighting for sake of Allah by getting rid of the secular TFG but Sheikh Sheriff, leader of the defunct Islamic Courts, speaking on behalf of the insurgents while hiding in Asmara, Eritrea, denied his boys to be responsible of sending rockets that landed on residential areas.
He indeed supported attacks against TFG and Ethiopian positions but distanced himself from killing people with stray rockets. In between the lines of Sheikh Sherif’s statement, one can understand only those mortar bombs that hit government installations are fired by the insurgents while those that strike public places or take the life of innocent people are launched by the government! Is that possible?

On the other hand the government retaliates with unnecessary force in case a bullet is fired or a bomb exploded in their vicinity. The damage they had caused in such miscalculated attacks is enormously high. There is enormous pain to be a witness of a situation where people are just killed and nobody takes up an issue with the murderer. People in Mogadishu, the city of war, are living with fear, as they are victims of terror on daily basis because of the continuous and rather indiscriminate bombing of their city.

No one bothers if the rocket he launches takes the life of a child or that of a donkey, though donkeys themselves have rights to be protected. They show no mercy and concern over the fact that people are driven in search of stability. Can you imagine that double of the people who have recently returned to Mogadishu have fled again for safety in fear of being hit by flying mortars.

And the sad part of the story is that these terror actions will leave ineffaceable pain in the souls of the victims. I wonder if the TFG and the insurgents have any plans to rule this country because people perish while they are still up in arms to eliminate each other.  When those who wish to be in power have no heart, the struggle or the means they intend to reach their goal is ruthlessly inhumane.


What sort of a government is the TFG when it destroys its people with a clout of rockets and mortar bombs; taking siege of the only market on which most of the Somali economy depended? Does this mean any economy that thrived in the absence of a state is a terror economy? What does a Xamali or a porter in the bakaraha market knows about terrorism? The lifeline of a man whose daily income was less than one dollar has been cut off because he supported terrorism! Is such argument comprehensible to any sane person? It sounds quite disgusting to both the intelligent and the feeble mind.


Take a glimpse on the other side of the coin. Insurgents plant landmines, which go off in the streets, killing innocent Somali children or flush people out from their houses, not thinking of those who die in their attacks and those who are too sick and frail to run away from the bombs. Sometimes when a fire flares up in a nearby household, the unfortunate ones or the handicapped, keep staying and waiting to be reduced to ashes as they are either old, or blind or recovering from a serious illness which deny them to escape at their full potential.   We are caught up between two groups where one groups kills us to please the Ethiopians who keep them in power and another group, the insurgents who kill us with impunity using religion as a means of transport to reach their dream destination: Power

Please share this poem with me:

In Somalia there is a government
who in the name of government
Acts as if there is no government
Flying in the air of despondency
Pretending to be a dove of peace
But flapping wings to incite war
Creating a-hard-to-settle dust of war
Sharpening the dagger of deception
Stabbing peace in the shadows of anarchy
Through an operation classified as: Remorselessly Idiot

There we go again
We have another group
Who in the name of Allah
Act against Allah's wishes
Killing and maiming people
Thinking that murdering children
Would please Allah, the Almighty
But only reap the fruits of disaster
As they harvest the anger of Allah
They listen to the sound of evil
As they dance to the tune of the devil
They fire mortar bombs to attack TF
But in missing their prime target
End up in killing innocent children

These are the horror groups of the century
Fighting to satisfy their greed for power
With no concern over who dies in the fight
So long as they know their children are not dying

Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed
Writer and Filmmaker
Mogadishu, Somalia
[email protected]

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