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I Say “Rahanweyn are always most welcome in Somaliland”

by Kassim Wais
Wednesday, July 18, 2007


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Even though I was born and raised in Canada, I speak fluent Somali and frequently browse websites of the Somali speaking people and in particular those of Somaliland news and articles which I have a great interest. I have come to know that we as aSomalis  have different views on certain issues which are acceptable, but some articles are out of line where a number of people present their analysis for the sake of hatred towards Somaliland as a country without any logic to debate.


Yesterday, I came across an article of such a nature that was published on the reputable website “The Awdal News” titled Obituary of the brutal hunting of Rahanweyn refugees in the streets of Hargeisa, by Mr. Aden Mohamed Tani. The article was not one of those type of articles that advocates or appeals to humanitarian causes, but it is purely and squarely an abhorrence full of propaganda and resentment. It also shows Mr. Tani’s inopportune accusations and twisted information without any logical evidence and irrational interpretation, but to tarnish the peace loving people and their democratic values which are the core principles that Somaliland practices. I am sure that many other readers have seen the article and disregard it due to its valueless contents of fabricated allegation.


Sure it is a politically motivated piece, which people like the author intends to divert the public focus from Somaliland’s hospitality and gesturing traditions which are not often found in other parts of the adjacent regions. It is crystal clear and known to all men, that Somaliland is a hosting nation and a safe heaven where those who are fleeing persecution seek asylum. The fact of the matter is that the Somaliland people are busy examining to engage a useful debate and a constructive dialogue that matters to their interests, growth and straightening their democratic process while advocating the respect of human rights values and the rule of the law as well as other relevant matters that are important to Somaliland.


As we all know, Somaliland is a very democratic, peaceful, generous and open society that welcomes all of the Somali speaking people without discriminating against them. I myself have visited Somaliland in the summer of 2002, where I have noticed the visibility of a diverse Somali speaking community whom are living side by side with locals in every neighbourhood in Hargeisa, and other cities in Somaliland as well as designated refugee camps elsewhere throughout the country. Interestingly, I should mention that as a first time visitor who did not know that the Rahanweyn people speak a different dialect than those of Somalilanders, which made me understand that not everybody in Somaliland is a Somalilander, but people from other regions of Somalia who have fled the civil war are also living there in sanctuary. They fled the continuous mass killings and the horrific atrocities that take place every other day in Somalia, which is known internationally to be a trademark of Somalia.


To come back to my assessment of the subject matter article, by Mr. Tani whom I believe has never visited Somaliland or the war-torn Somalia, and that is why he has the illusion of writing such a tale, which leads no where, but shows only his hatred and ignorance with an extreme dislike towards Somaliland as a nation and its people. When he is referring to the release of Hargeisa prisoners in early 2004, he questions who and why they were released, the answer is very simple “they were local Somalilander inmates who were pardoned by their government like any other prisoners in the world, which is very normal business and does not concern Mr. Tani and those who share similar ideology against the nation. Somaliland is a democratic nation where there is an elected parliament who upholds the laws of the land in due process and has the power of questioning the administration for any wrong doing.


If Mr. Tani’s allegations are sincere, than the Somaliland parliament would have inquired and should have been brought to justice. In other words, if your allegations are true and accurate it would have been investigated to the full extent of the law and those perpetrators would have been prosecuted and punished in accordance with the laws of the land.  As you may not like to admit, the Somaliland people in particular have gone through mass killings, torture, rape and ethnic cleansing and therefore, if you are a man of honour you should have been advocating for the tens of thousands of Somalilanders who were massacred in such inhumane acts of barbarianism, which you may have witnessed yourself.


Having said so, the Somaliland people are not at any given time to support, advocate, encourage or practice such devilish atrocities towards others and in the future, we must not apply the concept of an eye for an eye because we have endured such similar atrocities and we know how much pain and suffering that the Rahanweyn people have gone through in parallel to us. We must comprehend that both of these atrocities were committed by the same brutal regime, and its remnants devils that once again have been revisited and are operating in Somalia as I am writing this article now. In closing, the Somaliland people have welcomed and sheltered the Rahanweyn people with harmony and will continue to do so as long as they are in need, and in due course they must not forget there homeland.


On the record, Mr. Tani has spoken on Rahanweyn without mentioning all the other different ethnic groups who are similarly sheltered by the Somaliland people. On the record the Somaliland people reserves the right to repatriate the Rahanweyn and others alike when deems necessary without any reservation.


Kassim Wais

York University

Toronto, Ontario

[email protected]   

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