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Obituary of the brutal hunting of Rahanweyn refugees in the streets of Hargeisa

by Aden M. Tani
Sunday, July 15, 2007

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The vast majority of none “Rahanweyn” Somalis popularly known as “Mahaad Tidhe” in Rahanweyn land assumed previously that Rahanweyn is a peaceful Somali religious sect without clans. This legendary “Mahaad Tedhe” speaking fantasise is too beautiful to be true. The Somali “May May” speaking kibbutz communities in Bay and Bakool regions of Somalia are now the most densely armed communities in South Somalia that means per capita. Unfortunately and indisputably the underground storage (known as Bakars) specialists of the Somali bread basket or sorghum belt areas in Baidao, Wajid, Huddur, Qansahdhere and Dinsor are turned now to heavily armed clans and sub-sub clans with the presences or absences of TFG. Countless clans and sub clans of Rahanweyn owns Technicals bought from sorghum business while non Rahanweyn Somali clans bought their killing machines from the social income paid by the tax payers of the host country of their clan members in Diaspora .

Again and historically, “Rahanweyn” clans were generally considered as relatively peaceful community. However, just like any other Somali clans, internal clan clashes or clashes with neighbouring clans always belonged to their Somali nomadic daily life style. However, the life style of the sorghum consumers/producers in the “May May” speaking centres of Somalia dramatically changed after the historical Baidao inferno (the city of Death) initiated and executed by scrupulous Daarod and Hawiye political class fighting in South Somalia and Somalia as a whole. Nearly, 350,000 innocent people lost their lives during the Darood and Hawiye primitive political class power struggle. As a result of  that, even today in Kenya, victims and members from the stated supper clans are literally vegetating together in Dadab Refugee camp (160,000 people are living in the camp) in Kenya were young Somali girls are indiscriminately raped on daily rhythm and no body takes note, yesterday, today or  tomorrow  in Mogadishu.

As we know, the stated Inferno caused huge mass exodus and human tragedy in Bay and Bakool regions and south Somalia in general. Many Rahanweyn refugee families of the search of peaceful corners in Somalia went to the relatively peaceful Somali cities like Hargeisa and Bossasso. Hargeisa, the city which it self has been once brutally and barbarically destroyed by Said Barre tyranny soldiers and thousands of innocent people lost their lives accommodated at the beginning many south Somali refugees.

However, in early 2004, Hargeisa became a bloody nightmare for innocent Rahanweyn families and street dealers. One day, criminals has been directly released from Hargeisa prison and they started literally hunting and beating Somali refugees mainly Rahanweyn in down town Hargeisa. The question is who released them from the Jail and why? Honourable Ismail Jare was the interior Minister at that time and he might be the right person to answer that question. That barbaric action took place exactly between Mataan Mosque, Farah Joma building and Al Rahma pharmacy in Hargeisa city centre. Approximately 250 Rahanweyn Somalis, exclusively innocent street businessmen were chased in the streets of Hargeisa and thousands were watching and laughing. At least two innocent people were trampled to death and no body took notice about them in Hargeisa. All Human rights organisation in Hargeisa know about the event but they did not raise their voice and demand at least for compensation from the Government for the families left behind 

During that inhuman operation, other Rahanweyn brothers and sisters witnessed the mayhem from a secured distance in Hargeisa and are suffering today the trauma but fortunately they started now to talk about what they have witnessed.

In Borama town, the other Somali sorghum eaters centre, an innocent Rahanweyn man has been beaten at the same day in the middle of the town simply because he was Somali civil war displaced Rahanweyn and many people watched also indifferently that situation in Borama. That primitive act of Borama spectators was perhaps a manifestation of support to the Barbarians in Hargeisa who killed innocent Somalis who were far from their homes. Since that dark day, Rahanweyn community in Hargeisa speak their “May May” dialect or language only in Dark rooms in Hargeisa.   

No body knows who planned that inhuman operation in Hargeisa but it is assumed that secessionist radicals were behind the operation who brutally and publicly miss used the barbaric killings of two innocent Briton teachers Mr Richard and Mrs Enid Eyeington (at sheikh secondary school, in 20 Oct 2003), one Italian Woman Miss Annalena Tonelli (at Borama tuberculosis Hospital, in 5 Oct 2003 ) and a young Kenyan aid worker Miss Flora Chepkemoi (at a road block between Berbera and Hargeisa, in March 2004 ). As you might have noted I know the names of the foreigners who have been assassinated by fanatics and criminals but I don’t know the names of my brothers from Bay and Bakool who have been killed or tortured in their new home town Hargeisa just like Amsterdam London, Minneapolis, Oslo, Ottawa, became a new peaceful foreign home for many Somalis refugees.

In South Africa, 27 Somali business people have been killed by what social experts described as violent “xenophobic attacks”, which simply reflects violent and brutal tensions between refugees and the poorest South Africans in the Townships.  However, Human rights activists, South African civil society, Christian Church leaders led by not less than the peace noble price carry and freedom fighter Archbishop of Cape town Mr Desmond Tutu stood against the violence. Apropos violence, all Somalis in South Africa were affected equally no matter which clan they claim belong to back home. An Issaq shop owner was killed besides his Rahanweyn brother simply because they were both Somalis.

 Having said that, human rights organisation in Hargeisa which I highly respect and recognise knows about the described dark event in Hargeisa and Borama but they preferred this time to be silent and I have no explanation and justification for that irresponsibility. The BBC Northwest Somalia Somali service matador Mr Ahmed Said Egeh knows about the event and never reported about it.

However, my follow country men and women, we have a Human rights activist and a lady called Miss Rakiya Omar and my new star hero in Hargeisa stood against the stated barbarism and visited some of the victims of the mayhem who have been also jail in Hargeisa prison. She knows the story and she gave them moral and material support as some of the Rahanweyn survivals are enthusiastically reporting today about her courageous engagement for the victims. 

Justices and Rakiya Omar is the only candle needed in the darkness instead of chasing aggressively a mirage or phantom called Independence in Hargeisa.

Aden Mohamed Tani
E-Mail:[email protected]

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