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The July 1st that Somalis can’t Celebrate

by Jibril Ali Ibrahim
Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This July 1, 2007 will be remembered the worst day in the history Somalia. Invaded by its arch enemy, Mogadishu is now known as the 4th capital to be sacked by its enemy since Gengiskhan grandson invaded what once at the heart of the Islamic world, Baghdad.


Prime minister and interior Minster from the TFG standing for the Ethiopian flag in Mogadishu.

The Somali people will not be the first people whose capital is invaded by its enemy; many people have had similar experience and at the end, drove their enemy out of their land.

The question is,  are we going to get to use to Ethiopian solders sibling coffee in our capital, killing and raping our brothers and sisters or are we going to raise up to the occasion as many people have done in the past and use this occasion liberate our land from the historic enemy.


Our past brothers and sisters have librated their land from the enemy in the past. One Muslim great leader was Salahidin ayubi who liberated Jerusalem from the crusaders after their hundred years of occupation and treated the occupiers after their defeat with respect. Salahidin was a great leader. I hope it doesn’t take us that long to liberate these Tigrinya cowards their sponsor out of out land.


Self styled Prime Minster brought to Mogadishu for the first time by Ethiopian Helicopter

The capital of the Islamic world Baghdad was once sacked by the Mongols and destroyed the grand library, the largest library in the world then. This was the largest empire the world has ever seen. At its peak, it had over one million people. This evil empire continued its onslaught what was once at the heart of the Islamic world until they were defeated at the battle of ain jalut by the mukluk caliph of Jerusalem. Most of the invading force after their defeat accepted Islam and changed from destroyers to builders of mosques and institution of higher learning.


July 1, 2007 will not be a time of celebration rather it must me a time of contemplation of our next move to liberate our land from the invaders and the traitors who brought with them. If our current divisiveness (Somaliland, Puntland, Jubbaland…..) continues, we will fall the schemes of our enemies. We must rise up above tribalism and I against my brother and step up to the plate and liberate our people once and for all and make Somalia the best country to live in the world.


July 1, 2007 is a sad day for all Somalis except the warlord and traitor dominated TFG. If we allow, these traitors will sell our land and our brothers and sister for miserable price.

Jibril Ali Ibrahim
Edmonton, AB, Canada

[email protected]

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