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Somalia's occupation

by Mohamed Adan

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There are pictures we have not seen. There are dead bodies we will never watch on our TVs or read about. There are cries of the poor, the sick and the hungry we will never hear about. The victims are Somalis and the reason is they are dispensable. Their deaths are not worth much and can never be graced with a few seconds on CNN or BBC, or some of the pages of the leading papers of the world.

There are several parties involved in this war. The parties are willing to kill and maim. The victims, mostly poor civilians, neglected for almost 2 decades by their leaders and the international community.

The civil war in Somalia could not continue all these years without someone fueling the fires burning all over the country. The parties involved have their interests to care for first. No one has shown genuine interest for the public. The land that proclaims to promote democracy in the world, USA, has been supporting the hated Warlords who terrorized their society. Americas interest in Somalia has been 3 terrorists said to have found refuge among the UIC. Innocent Somalis, with no links to terrorism, peaceful people who only wish to live peacefully and earn a living in a country that does not provide anything to its people, are today suffering because of events beyond their control.

Think of the poor illiterate farmer, along the river, who barely survives on his farm or livestock and today has his life disrupted. There is no insurance cover, no government that helps. Even the weather is against him: there have been floods recently that have caused havoc. Think of the unexploded weapons left behind by the groups fighting. Think of the unburied bodies left behind. Think of rain and the damage this can cause.

If the pain of hopelessness could kill, it would have killed thousands in a place where tomorrow does not bring hope, where you are sure life won't be different next week or next month. It could only be worse. Your story, your sorrow , your pain does not count. Your hunger, lifeless body, the cries of your child do not deserve a minute anywhere.

Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia is an insult to all Somalis. For the American, I can explain it in a simple way: think of Soviet Union soldiers in Washington or New York. It evokes disgust and a feeling of an occupation. No Ethiopian soldier has ever been to Mogadishu before.

Meles Zenawi could have never dreamed of this without US support. The question I keep asking myself is why a nation that advertises itself to be a land promoting democracy can cause so much pain and distress. Why support for the bandits who terrorized their society? I do not support the UIC and had serious misgivings about them, but they were at least better than the beasts who divided the city among themselves, the beasts who are now back again doing what they have been doing the past 15 years. What does the US gain from this? Ethiopia's gains I understand: closer relationship with the US after doing its dirty work.

Mohamed Adan
E-mail: [email protected]


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