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The era of Islamic Courts has ended; but is TFG ready to govern?

By Abdisalam M. Garjex “camey”


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Six months ago, when Islamic Courts appeared on the horizon and became a prominent player in the Somali political arena, I predicated in my article “Amend the constitution”, published by Hiiraan-online that Ethiopia & other allied countries, namely the USA will intervene under the pretext of war on terror and the threat of the Islamic militants linked to Alqaeda. By the same token, to avoid a deeping conflict, I suggested the two opposing groups embrace one another and arrange a power-sharing formula and the party that rejects the peace initiative will at the end be the loser – the doomsayer’s scenario is proved to be true.


We aren’t out of the woods yet on the current conflict and turbulent times is still lay ahead. Before, we anticipate what the future brings tomorrow, let us briefly reflect what went wrong on the Islamic courts and their stated goals. As any other previous movement, based on clan or interest group whichever it might be, the courts have had no agenda other than to rule the country by sharia law. They didn’t display any talent or understanding of the regional & international intricate policies and complex Somali tribal affiliations. The expansion of their influence to other regions, the attempt to overrun Baydhabo, the government base and the declaration of Jihad to Ethiopia were some of the reasons played a role in the failure of the Islamic Courts and finally led them to a stunning defeat.


Will lessons be learned from the past  ?


Now TFG is in full control with the help of their Ethiopian backers, they shouldn’t attempt to avenge; but rather should heal the divisions and unite different clans & groups. They must protect the rights of every citizen and uphold the rule of law. After 16 yrs of turmoil, ordinary Somalis want to live in peace and have their human rights protected. If current government doesn’t work on the interest of its’ citizens and exasperate the prevailing situation of hatred & distrust, they will be opposed and the nation will again be engulfed by anarchy and destruction and loss of precious lives. They will face the same fate as their predecessors – driven out of power disgracefully with their backers.


Resistance is futile


At long last, with the help of our fellow brothers, Ethiopia achieved their ultimate dream: to conquer Somalia and colonize. It is a fact of life that Abyssinia is here to stay and to resist them is an exercise in futility. Fragmentation and opposition within ourselves is what the old enemy wants to exploit – siding or trading one clan or warlord against the other is a trick they have used in the past. We can overcome the ill-intentions of our big neighbor if we unite and work for the common good of our people. The current leaders’ responsibility are to device a strategy to extricate our nation from the Ethiopian trap. This means, we should deny them a reason to overstay our land and instead solicit the assistance and the intervention of other neutral states. We all know, Ethiopia doesn’t want to see an emerging sovereign Somali state with its full territorial integrity, united with Somaliland.


An action-plan for the first 100 days.


  • Build trust between communities & clans and give amnesty to anyone committed a crime during the civil war in order to secure stable environment.
  • Disarm the general population, regardless of clan & region.
  • Seek assistance of humanitarian aid for the displaced.
  • Request  United Nations and regional communities to assist in peacekeeping and peace enforcement.
  • Start rebuilding the basic infrastructure, clean the roads and open public institutions.
  • Open both air & sea ports and don’t impose levies on necessary goods coming into the country for a period of time (recovery).
  • To avoid power vacuum, institute a temporary administrative structure and security apparatus for the capital and other cities and towns to tackle lawlessness.


 Abdisalam M. Garjex

Ashburn, Virginia (USA) 

E-mail : [email protected]

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