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Burning of the Somali blue Flag In Hargeysa

By Mahad Ahmed


It is mind boggling to see a reputable web site like Hiiraan Online to always post anti Somaliland articles on its web site and censor pro Somaliland articles. A total of 3 anti-Somaliland articles are currently posted on Hiiraan.com. To read those articles please click links at the bottom of this page All articles are about the alleged burning of the Somali blue flag in Hargeisa demonstration by young men. Although the Somaliland officials and organizers said the burning was not preplanned and they did not agree with the burning of the flag, authors of those articles attacked Somaliland and its people with insults, lies and name calling. E.g. “secessionist”, “mob-like demonstrations in Hargeisa”, “pathetic demonstration in their enclave”, “separatist crusade”, “secessionist ghetto” , “secessionist clique”, “fake Mujahiden in Hargeisa”


They also wrote unsubstantiated allegations about Somaliland and its people.

For example

The separatist group is desperately playing their ugliest card as they hope and lobby for the continuation of lawlessness in Mogadishu.”

To better their chances of achieving their ill-fated objectives, they are very determined to keep Mogadishu busy and burning”


One can not understand why those “patriotic” authors are engaged writing about the burning of the flag while most of their  country are under Ethiopian occupation; where Ethopian flag is raised from Bossaso to Kismanyo; Somali citizens are being murdered by Ethiopians, women being raped. Aren’t they supposed to put all their energy and time reclaiming their country?


Authors of these articles directed their anger towards an elected politician, Faysal Ali Warabe, one of the organizers of the demonstration in Hargeysa where the blue flag has been burned, while they said nothing about Abdilahi Yusuf, Ali Geedi and Hussein Aideed. These three named elected Somali officials brought Ethiopian troops into Somalia.


To conclude, let us find out the origin of the so called Somali blue flag. Please click on the following link to learn more




Links to the articles on Hiiraan web site

Mahad Ahmed
Ottawa, Canada

E-mail: [email protected]

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