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UIS (urine Intake Syndrome)

A Somali saying runs , " Waxaad qarsataaba wuu ku qarsadaa ."

A man came to Hargeisa General Hospital seeking help from a sickness that he has been hiding for a decade and a half. Not any more. As another Somali saying indicates, "Haday fooli timaad gudo qarsiimo hadh." His pressing health issue began deteriorating from day to day, and prompted his need to see a doctor .


The nurse announced his name when it was his turn to be seen .In the examination room the Doctor inquired the purpose of his visit. The patient became very tense, uncertain of how to explain his mixed feelings. But all of a sudden, he started breathing fast, sweat dripped from his forehead and his heart wanted to burst out from chest. One more time, the doctor repeated the question to the tormented patient .The man began his 15 years old yarn.


He said , "I have been experiencing a considerable irregularities in my behavior for so many years. As a result of that , I developed a tendency to de-valuate the true aspects of the basic reality , no matter how sweet and nice fruit it best owe to the well being of the community , I am still a prisoner to a temptation in misinterpreting the actual facts to negative values ."

"Do you mind to share with me the details of the persistent agony In order to find a cure and help you?" Said the doctor.

"Well doc, as a matter of fact, yes." Said the patient and went on. "For me it is difficult to understand ; where I came from and why I am what I am , very unfortunate and frightening to think where this will lead me and how many innocent people will suffer from it ."

"Is that all you want to tell me or should I expect some more?” asked the doctor.

"Not only that doc." Said the man, "My good doctor, there are times when an evil tribal instinct over takes me and distances me from humanity, and makes me a fanatic psychopath with no sense of balance and compromise unlike the other citizens (Awdalites) who have a national patriotic aspirations of the unity of the Republic." The confused doctors said, “Please, take it easy, tell me all about your symptoms without leaving a single one aside, since they are all essential to guide me in the search of your remedy.” The sick man asked the doctor, "Do you really mean all doc?." Then the doctor replied, "Yes please, all."

The sick man of Burco began counting the symptoms as fellows one after another.

  1. I feel dizzy when ever I hear the name Daahir Rayaale, because he took my seat without the objection of my tribes men.
  2. I feel uncertain of my existence when I hear the name Gadabuursi , because I believe it is a threat to my life.
  3. I feel a headache when I hear the name Boorama, because it is a rival city to the Hargeisa I love.
  4. I feel stomach pain when I hear Awdal, because of its past civilization, and its renaissance struggle to attain her lost pride and gain a place in Somaliland.
  5. I feel alienated when ever I hear the so called SNM, because it always reminds me how my blood brothers segregated me.
  6. I feel cheated when I hear Somaliland, because I believe it was supposed to be called Isaaqland..
  7. I feel the old man was an Isaaq traitor when I hear Cigaal, because he passed the throne to the people I considered as my enemy.
  8. I feel jealous when I hear Djibouti; because I hate to believe even Ciisa has its government and not me (Isaaq)!!!

Last but not the least, I feel relieved and perplexed with joy when I read the hateful articles written about the president and the first lady in Haatuf news by its members whom we share the same symptoms.

The doctor moved his head side ways, and gave the patient an aspirin tablet let and set an appointment date to come back.

The sick man came back for his appointment to see the doctor. After exchanging greetings, the doctor said to him ,"I have a bad news for you .The bad news is that ;after many consultations with local and international scientist in various medical fields about your symptoms , we concluded that you have U.I.S., a disease not known to the world and not contagious but you will live with it . So far there is no cure for it. " Then asked his patient," HAVE YOU EVER DRANK YOUR URINE?" * The poor sick patient surprisingly nodded his head and confirmed, "NOT ONLY ONE TIME, SIR, BUT ON SEVERAL OCCATIONS WHEN I WAS AN SNM FIGHTER" then asked the doctor, "What is U.I.S, Sir?" The doctor told him that U.I.S stands for URINE INTAKE SYNDROME, and develops when one drinks his/her urine.

The doctor further explained to him the hope of finding a cure and a research that is going on by a scientist at Amoud University.

The sick man with the U.I.S said, “I am not the only one with U.I.S Sir, there are many who are in the same boat as me who are suffering and hiding their sickness.

" I think those many who are affected with U.I.S should make a registration early at Amoud University in case the research shows good result. " concluded the doctor. “and further explained that the virus is not contagious and will only affect those SNM members who drank their urine till a cure is found or death takes them away.


Osman Ahmed H.Bahdon
Ottawa, Canada
email- [email protected]



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