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CIA Rendition Flights are currently active in the Horn

By Mohamed H Roble


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There is no doubt that US Special Forces and its Intelligence Services are active in Somalia, particularly in the southern tip of Somalia, and they are working round the clock to dismantle what they call the remnant of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) and its affiliated al-Qaeda members, who are believed to be hiding near Kenyan border.


It’s appalling to hear, that Kenyan intelligence services together with its Ethiopian counterparts are working by the orders of their paymaster America to hand offer all detainees captured on the war of terror as they call it, while crossing to Kenyan border, to the un-democratically elected, brutal dictator they have created in Somalia, Warlord Abdullahi Yuusuf Ahmed, and the so called weak Transitional Federal Government (TFG) based in Mogadishu.


Some of the captured are believed to be normal civilians who were traveling to Mogadishu via Nairobi and have nothing to do with fighting in Somalia.


For the past few weeks at least two known flights from Kenya has been seen unloading its human cargo of men and women in the capital of Somalia (Mogadishu) by the orders of US and TFG.


One thing is for sure, that the western governments always play two cards, one for their self defense or survival and the other for their ignorance of hiding their brutality of creating human misery on an unimaginable magnitude.


Let me give you one example of the above two cards they use for their self defense.


Read the following lines copied from the Amnesty International’s website.


Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

AI’s vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.


I hope you will understand the basic meaning of the above two paragraphs, now ask your self, when was the last time you have hear from Amnesty International , or similar organization in the west, discussing or campaigning for the suffering of our nation or a similar nation in the world?


Let’s go back to when America was invading Afghanistan, we have seen the harrowing massacre, which took place inside one of the prisons in Afghanistan, while the mighty American Air Power was used to carpet bomb an un-armed prisoners and the aftermath of human cargo in the containers, who were suffocated and perished for lack of oxygen. What has the Amnesty International or similar organization in the west including the UN done to justify those acts of criminal behavior? Or has any one been prosecuted for it? The answer to the questions is simply NO.


The other self defense techniques used by the west is creating human misery on an unimaginable magnitude to the third world countries.


Let me explain the meaning of the above.


I have watched an interview taken by one of the TV channels in UK, which they have interviewed the Eritrean president Isaias. One of the questions asked by the reporter was that, why Eritrea has opposed to the offer of food from The World Food Programme (WFP), because, of the WFP findings Eritrea needs humanitarian assistance?


The presidents answer of the above question was absolutely clear and is an example to all third world leaders to follow including ours (in Somaliland) if they have the will to protect what ever left of our nations pride of becoming self sufficient, without depending on aid.


The Eritrean president Mr. Isaias answer to the above question was that, his country doesn’t need to be spoon-fed and they are on the right track to be self sufficient.


To conclude, I urge the UN and AU leaders to advice the US, European counterparts and their puppets in IGAD to stay out of meddling with Somali affairs as their intensions seems to be doubtful.



Mohamed H Roble 

London, UK

E-mail: [email protected]

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