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Patriotism and faith being the Mask

By Muse Farah
Wednesday, December 26, 2007


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After reading “Are you a mercenary or a patriot?” – by Abdurahman SherifI in Hiiraan Online on the 24 December, 2007, I wonder where you have been all of you whining when Moryan were selling the river water to the inhabitants of our Jubba and Shabelle rivers.  Where were you when properties of those unarmed (Looma Ooyaan) in Lower Shabeele and Bay regions were being looted, robbed and their woman were raped.  Now all of sudden those crocodile tears of you being a Patriot and Moslem is amazing.  I am amazed how you can get a different skin when the situation arises applicable to the situation at hand.  Even to recite ayaat from our glorious Koran is a geniality of the some in Somalia who consider themselves the prophets and dignity bearers of the Somali nation.  Let me tell you it is hypocrisy in its real face and the worst of its kind.


The double standard of some kind of Somali is well known to whoever worked for Somali institutions.  Before I worked for the Somali government, I was not well informed in the tribal structures and tribalism itself.  I learned from the tribal governments of Somalia.  My parents’ house was not different from most of Mogadishu houses, tribalism was not an issue raised.  I am confident many readers feel the same way I feel.  Our main chat was around the football at Stadio Cones or the movie at Sheneemo Misyooni.  Qabiil was quasi non existent in our daily life until ‘Geel Jire’ came into our lives and caused mayhem into our peaceful coexistence in Mogadishu.


Hence, I urge the Somali politicians to open a truthful debate of what went wrong.  Let us not just bury everything wrong being done to our people.  Let us dig all the mistakes in order to know what went wrong.  And let us know who did what.  Why we hide it?  We know the genocide that occurred during the past 17 years.  Every member of the clans that fought the civil war don’t like to talk about it.  I wonder what they are hiding????.  If we do not learn from our mistakes how could we solve our problem at hand.


By Muse Farah
[email protected] 

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