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Are you a mercenary or a patriot?

By Abdurahman Sherif
Monday, December 24, 2007

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The problems we are facing today are misconduct, politicized tribalism, embezzlement, and complacency with corruption.  Every Somali is feeling these deficiencies but unable to find a solution to do something about them. And to get a solution to these deficiencies requires collective decision. The Somalis in one area must get-together and discuss this burning issue. The problem that faces the diversified tribes of Somalis is the barrier that is restrained by the tribal virus.  If this barrier is not broken the tribal sedition takes its way to transform into a ghost that will haunt every tribe indiscriminately and each tribe will remain as X tribe that speaks Somali language without Somali nation.   Finally, each tribe will sink itself into the camps of the mercenaries in its own country. Take the best example before you. Take the great Somalia. Where it is today. What is going in the Southern part of Somalia is self-explanatory.  The capital city of Somalia (Mogadisho) and its jurisdiction turned into a host place for Warlords, mercenaries, mischief of whisperers, agents, pirates, vagabonds and so on. Is this the dignity and sovereignty of a decent Muslim Somali?  If not what are you, brother Muslim Somali, doing? Are you really a good Muslim who feels all what is going on is a grave major sin?  Therefore, what is your role if you are part of this Muslim Somali community? Don’t you feel ashamed to sit hand folded doing nothing with complacency, eating like a donkey, sleeping like a hyena and snoring like a bull in a china shop? Why do you not wake up from your slumber and reform yourself after your stumble?

You need to undergo a complete attitude change labeled a “righteous person” up-righted by ethical education. Ethical education revives your insight. It destroys misconduct, politicized tribalism, embezzlement, and complacency with corruption. It restores virtuousness, honesty, integrity and zealousness to fight corruption.  Be honest with your soul. If you imitate as a virtuous person while the evil tribal virus bankrupts your insight, you will experience tension and the wrath of Allah. You will not be yourself. You will panic at the event you confront the truth. If you act as a truthful person with your people and render your contribution regardless of their tribe, you will breathe clean air with satisfaction and be relieved from stress or tension and the blessing of Allah will shower on your spirit, even if you are a failure. So, speak your mind with truth however severe the truth is for others. Do not copy the inclination of those who regarded the evil tribal virus as a permanent solution for their tribe. Speak out loudly and condemn the embarrassing situation we are living in with complacence doing nothing. Sometimes other tribes may laugh at you, but you will always be a winner as long as you are honest and free yourself from practicing the evil tribal virus. Be the man who sympathizes for grief and distress of other tribes. Be the man who considers his own and other tribes' interests as the same. Be the man who never seeks his relief in discomfort of other tribes. And finally, be the man whose wide horizon of thought causes him to be relieved from disturbances, offenses, intolerance and nastiness, and forms a real unity along with other tribes, in which there is benefit and blessing. Then only you will be the exalted person to sympathize those who laughed at you, when they suffer regret and sorrow of their foolish and faulty act. Self-centered and misuse of public properties for one’s own satisfaction will lead to the way to be a mercenary in one’s own country. On the other hand protecting public properties with love of others’ prosperity will lead you to be a patriot. So my fellow Muslim Somali, be a patriot and never ever be a mercenary. Be a contributor and never be a selfish beneficiary of others’ properties. Remember that it is very easy for a blind person to walk in the darkness.    

My fellow Muslim Somali brothers and sisters do not think that I wanted only to criticize, reproach, and dishonor you. I only wanted Allah to revive the opinions that you have missed and give you back your religious affairs that you have lost. This is because I remembered Allah's saying: Keep on reminding them. This benefits the believers. (Holy Qur'an 51:55)

Abdurahman Sherif
E-mail: [email protected]

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