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Gulled Ahmed: Rising Star

By  Mowlid Omar
Monday, December 10, 2007


GuledGulled, is a native of Somalia who now lives in Houston, Texas. He  extremely talented artist; musician, writer of lyrics and soloist, all in one, capable of astonishing us by his fast, timely and frequent creations of his magical music.


His new album "Adamow" brings a unique triple threat of talent of rapping, reggae and soulful tunes bringing together. The "ADAMOW" means "Man Kind”. Most songs are mix more than a little dancehall and reggae into his hip-hop style. The hard lyrics come from a hard life, which included endless civil war of his country Somalia.


Early this year, Gulled had the excellent opportunity to reconfirm his talent by releasing new hit single “Hooyo”. In the mean time, the expectation of the public for his new release grew higher and higher. While Gulled continued to furnish his fans with his creations through other artists such as samatar, cigaal, and jubba.


The album was released Eid day in North America, album dominated the market for a long while, and people wondered if Gulled could give away such a quality work. The question is what would his personal performance look like? To answer this question, the album release party was held safari restaurant at downtown Minneapolis 27 October 2007, the party was off the hook. I mean, it was Hollywood style party.


In my interview I asked Gulled what is his goal? He said, "As an artist, my whole goal is to make powerful and classic Somali music," Gulled continues, "I want everyone to feel my music and understand my heritage and where I'm from and that's what this album will do - my music is all about genuine”.


Gulled wants to make it clear that he is not copycat artist that has the songs mapped out for him - he comes up with 100 percent of new lyrics. Gulled also understands that as a young Somali making urban music he has a responsibility to fans, he said, “With this album I thought it is important to not to use a bias words or negative language that might offend people”. Gulled creates urgent appeal "music with a message" because his whole existence depends on it.


Such songs "Hagaajiyow" and “Rajo” with an extraordinary reggae beat, but with touching words and episodes; It's more than a song, it's something people raise arms for," explains Gulled" the term "Hagaajiyow"  actually means  "Fixer" and “Rajo” means “Hope”  so when I recorded that in the studio, I imagined myself being in front of warlords, and I'm communicating directly to them".


Most song writes salah donyaale same age with gulled and very talented young man. I believe he got best producer and manager Heykal and Southside - gulled revealed, “together we’re a powerful force and I’m ready to share it with the world".

Finally, the album 'Adamow' is a unique and very ambitious that tries to review the history of Somalia, with the urge to dissociate from its curse, improving, changing, and raising the moral standard. Gulled's story is designed to be long and wonderful, no doubts. He has the modesty, the personality, the passion to stick to the art, and we wish him that his prayers towards Somalia will accept. He will continue to phenomenon us. If any one had doubts about the natural, creative talent of Gulled, there was the concrete proof! A booming success!!!

The album “ADAMOW” is available stores near you or you can visit www.myspace/gulledmusic.

Mowlid Omar
E-mail: [email protected]

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