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The People of Somalia’s Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) Regions have spoken

Press Release


The People of Somalia’s Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) Regions have spoken:

Demand for The Immediate and Unconditional Withdrawal of Somaliland’s Invading Militia


For Immediate Release

November 29, 2007


The people of Somalia’s Northern Regions of Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn (SSC) have spoken. In a clear and unequivocal Statement, echoed throughout the Horn of Africa country and distributed to the international media, the Traditional Leaders of SSC, the only genuine authority in that region today, issued a stern warning, demanding the immediate withdrawal of secessionist Somaliland’s militia from their clan territory.


This Statement follows in the footsteps of an October 13, 2007 declaration, putting “Somaliland” enclave on notice: to refrain from invading their regions. In spite of that warning, barely two days later, on October 15, 2007, “Somaliland” with the help of a handful of collaborators invaded and occupied Las Anod, the administrative capital of Sool Region. This naked aggression against hitherto peaceful region caused, according to the assessment of Regional and international relief organizations, the death of more than a dozen innocent people, the destruction of public infra-structure, and the terrorizing and the displacement of more than 50,000. This is in a region that has been spared the anarchy and the humanitarian tragedies that plagued most of Somalia in the past 17 years.


“Somaliland”, which is basically a one-clan project masquerading as an independent country based on a defunct colonial entity (British Somaliland Protectorate), is blindly embarked on a divisive conflict-prone agenda aimed solely at establishing hegemony over all other northern Somali clans. This is in spite of the fact that four out of five major Northern clans are solidly against secession, and are solidly for the restoration of an effective Central Government, which will store law and order throughout the country.


Following the invasion of “Somaliland”, The Traditional Leaders of the Dhulbahante clan of the SSC regions held an extra-ordinary emergency conference in the Sool district of Boocame, dubbed Boocame 3, and at the conclusion of the Conference on November 23, 2007, issued a Declaration calling on the people of SSC, both at home and abroad to:


-         Unite and liberate their traditional clan territory (Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn), from “the enemies of peaceful co-existence”, meaning secessionist Somaliland;

-         Be prepared to sacrifice life and limb and put all needed resources at the disposal of the liberation struggle.


The Traditional Leaders also gave a 10 days notice to the local Collaborators to: “cease and desist from collaborating with the invaders of your territories or bear the consequences on the side of the aggressors”.


 In concluding their Declaration, the SSC Traditional Leaders urged the UN, AU, EU, IGAD, Arab League, US, UK, the Islamic Conference, the NGOs, and the international community at large to exert pressure on the secessionist enclave to immediately withdraw from Sool Region to avoid further catastrophic humanitarian crisis in that part of the Somali Republic.


They also advised the international community and the 50+ NGOs stationed in Hargeisa that the people of SSC “are not part and have nothing to do with the secessionists enclave” calling itself “Somaliland”. Rather the people of SSC are for a united peaceful Somalia where clans can resume their traditional peaceful co-existence and fraternal co-operation while at the same time respecting other clans’ de facto sovereignty over their traditional territory.

The Northern Somalis for Peace and Unity (NSPU), in consistency with its core mandate of promoting and preserving peace and unity among all segments of the Somali people, wishes to add its voice to the SSC Leadership’s call for “Somaliland” immediate withdrawal from their territory. Invasion of other clan’s territories is a declaration of war against that clan, and hence is a direct threat to peaceful co-existence and co-operation.

May peace and sanity prevail among the long-suffering people of Somalia and may a new horizon of justice, unity, and prosperity dawns on our skies. And may wisdom prevail over the politics of caprice and may messages of harmony dawn on the promoters of division and discord.


For further information, please contact:

Gamal Hassan, Director, Communication and Public Relations Unit  


5470 Merivale Rd. Ottawa, Ontario. K2C 3M1 Canada. Tel: 613-686-5466

NORTHERN SOMALIS FOR PEACE & UNITY (NSPU) is a grass-roots Somali advocacy organization with Branches in Somalia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, USA, UK, Sweden, and South Africa. We are dedicated to the promotion of peace and unity among the long suffering people of Somalia.  We believe the ‘Somalia problem’ can only be dealt with within the framework of a holistic strategic approach aimed at the empowerment of a central government to rebuild national democratic  governance institutions and restore law and order throughout the country. NSPU believes the balkanization of Somalia is a recipe for future conflicts and a bleak future for the  Somali people, who are bonded by ethnicity, language, religion, and shared centuries-old  culture and  traditions.


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