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A word of warning to the world: Genocide in the making

Somali Solidarity of North America (SOSNA)
Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Somali Solidarity in North America (SOSNA) clearly sees genocide in the making in Mogadishu. Within three days of heavy shelling and indiscriminate bombardment of civilian neighborhoods in Mogadishu, the occupying Ethiopian troops had mercilessly killed more than 4000 innocent civilians. We remind the world that all this carnage took place within three days of fighting. Those caught in the crossfire and carnage tenfold outnumber the dead.

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We are not using the word " genocide" loosely here. The mass murder, rampant slaughter of innocent Somalis, the displacement of more than 100 thousand people and the campaign to wipe out whole Mogadishu neighborhoods is comparable to the Darfur Genocide. We perceive the Somali version of the Janjaweed as the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) supported militia from Puntland belonging to the President's clan, numbering 4000, camped in Villa Somalia and the Military academy that are intentionally shelling and targeting heavy artillery into neighborhoods populated by rival clans. This is a calculated clannish vengeance that the international community is unfortunately condoning.  

Somalis of good conscience completely concur this is the case of clannish enterprise to set scores. We cannot remain silent of the killing of Somalis simply because they are of certain clan.

The Somali Solidarity in North America (SOSNA) draws an immediate attention to the surge and re-enforcement of 20,000 Ethiopians troops with their tanks and armored trucks that have already crossed the border towns of Belet-Weyne and Wajid all heading to Mogadishu. There are already more than 20,000 Ethiopian troops now occupying Somalia. There are an estimated 20,000 Ethiopian forces in and around Mogadishu.

This is an illegal invasion of sovereign country and it is against all international laws and United Nations Charter. The Somali Solidarity of North America calls the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Somalia. There is no military solution to the Somali conflict. Only a genuine, Somali owned indigenous solution with no external meddling can restore peace, law, order, and governance in Somalia. Somali Solidarity of North America believe Somali civil society organizations, intellectuals, traditional clan elders, women organizations, business community and moderate religious leaders can pave the way for peace and reconciliation. Warlords and war criminals should not be allowed to participate and be part of any leadership and peace conference. They belong to the International Criminal Court, not to become presidents, ministers or members of the parliamnent.

There seems to be a terrible scheme of apathy and silence from the international community as it is allowing genocide in the making to materialize. At this juncture, the most deplorable is the lack of concern of the United Nations Security Council and the tacit support of the United States Government.  The United States has the influence within the UN Security Council to stop this genocide and to reverse the Ethiopians military surge.

A serious and immediate re-examination of the U.S. support of the warlord invested Transitional Federal Government could easily alleviate the magnitude of the mass killings in Mogadishu. The United States must not allow Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and his forces to reach Mogadishu and carry their planned "wiping out entire neighborhoods".  

This military madness and surge does not make sense. The pretext of using "terrorist card and/or Islamist insurgence "and labeling a whole community because they oppose the invasion of Ethiopia and the clannish enterprise of the TFG Leadership is not  a license to conduct genocide.

The Somali Solidarity in North America (SOSNA) is wondering how the democratic, free and civilized world could condone the tragic slaughter in progress in Mogadishu. Where is the humanity, the sense of right and wrong when thousands of innocent civilians, including children, are slaughtered and amputated within the span of two to three days? We are saddened by the fact that not one country from the democratic, free and civilized world is on record for condemning the horrifying Ethiopian crusade of invasion and terror in Mogadishu.

The depth of the international betrayal of Somalia and especially, of Mogadishu residents is hard to believe. A Week into the carnage, the international community, the United Nations Security Council and the United States Government are actually insisting their "de rigueur" and unjust support for the Transitional Federal Government.   It is distressing that the American tactic support of the Ethiopian invasion is allowing the regime of Meles Zenawi to increase its military occupation and aggression to conduct a severe and sinister campaign of genocide in Mogadishu.

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Somali Solidarity of North America (SOSNA)
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