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Diaspora / Intellectuals’ / Civil Society Kacdoon Is Long Overdue!

By Abdirashid K. Hashi


Anyone who has been following recent media reports know by now that problems are brewing between the Transitional national Government (TFG) and the Union of Islamic Courts (UICs). According to various local and international press reports, war between the TFG and UICs is likelihood, if not imminent.



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President Abdullahi Yusuf charged in a recent interview that the Islamic Courts were behind the failed assassination attempt on his life. The Court leaders denied this accusation; instead, they pointed fingers at the Ethiopians. In another development, the leader of the Islamic Courts, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, has revealed that the TFG and the Ethiopians are plotting a massive air and land attack on a dozen Somali cities including the capital Mogadishu; as a consequence, Sharif Ahmed declared Jihad against the Ethiopians.


Why are we so silent about the unfolding drama and troubles fermenting in our motherland, while Meles, Musaveni, Geulleh, Raffeali, IGAD, Afey, LAS, AU, International Contact Group, EU and others are on top of the Somalia issues and are stumbling over each other? Are we abandoning Somalia altogether? Are we abdicating our responsibilities? Or have we haplessly delegated our obligations to foreign individuals and entities? Or is this a classical case where everybody thought somebody will do something about the pertinent problem but nobody is doing anything?


Silence is not an option when Somalia is at a crossroads and on the brink of renewed conflict. I believe we could help prevent the nightmarish prospect of Somalia relapsing into vicious conflict. The “WE” I am referring here is: you, me, and the thousands of Somali citizens who are concerned about the turmoil in our country. In the past ten years or so, enough have been written about the malaise of our society. We have all been inundated with over-analyzes and information overflow. Unfortunately tangible solutions have been as ever illusive and are still somewhere out there.


How About Our Own Kacdoon or Uprising?


I am proposing that we seriously consider undertaking or unleashing our own Diaspora or Intellectuals’ uprising or kacdoon. What I am calling for is the formation of a National Movement, Coalition, Alliance, Task Force, Umbrella Organization, Network or some sort of entity with a clear SOMLAIA –FIRST mission, vision and practical and achievable goals.


  • The number-one immediate task that we must strive for should be to avert war and set out to counsel (and pressure if need be) both the TFG and the Islamic Courts to mend their differences and work towards peace and Somalia-centered and Somalia-First governance system.
  • Secondly we should seriously consider coming together and assembling a huge National Movement, Alliance, Coalition, Task Force etc. The members of this movement should start their Peace Activism with the assumption that each member has the least to offer, but his or her contribution is indispensable for potential success. Small-sized egos, big hearts, and healthy brains that could see the big picture (national interest) are the essential prerequisites for any successful kacdoon or uprising.
  • Thirdly, as a potential third force, we should be prepared to be an integral part of the permanent stake holders in our nation’s affairs – espousing our nation’s interests.    

If and when we join forces and unite for the Common Good - we could elect, select, appoint, or DRAFT the best among us to come to the forefront. The efforts of our Nation’s finest are often transient; For example, Abwaan Hadrawi’s successful but short lived Peace Caravan throughout Somalia is a case in point. If we organize ourselves into a national movement, I believe many known and unknown leaders will come to the forefront and assume their national responsibilities.


The proposed National Movement could dispatch a peace delegation to Somalia i.e. Baidoa, Mogadishu and other cities; we could even send mission to Khartoum and present our views for the way forward.


In politics, nation building and liberation causes, participants invite themselves. It is just beyond me - why we expect others, Somalis and non-Somalis alike, whom we had not delegated to represent us - to do our biding. This is pure wishful thinking or daydreaming.     


If you agree we should not be silent, and f you like this idea (or an improved version of it, and by all means please feel free to improve it) please drop me an email. If, on the other hand, all is well and I am the one who is daydreaming, then SO HELP US GOD!

Abdirashid K. Hashi
E-mail: [email protected]


The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of "Hiiraan Online"

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