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Time Will Tell

by Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed


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Somalis have been supporting political leaders ever since independence movements started in this country. But every political group that came to power tried to reach further political goals at the expense of the people's suffering. When people are illiterate they become victims of evil leaders who shamelessly exploit their innocence

From as far back as early Forties
Somalia had undergone many changes
In 1943 a Somali Youth League was born
SYL fought against the Italian colonial army
They brought together brothers divided by tribe
People had rallied behind them courageously
"Long Live Somalia" was adopted as a motto

When the hard-won independence was achieved
People had sent clenched fists in the unsullied air of joy
But no sooner had the nation-wide euphoria died
Than interest groups jumped on the political wagon
SYL leaders were undermined in the new government
With the knife of deception and widespread dishonesty
Nationalism had been stabbed in the back ruthlessly
On the sands of treachery its blood went dripping
Somalia was orphaned soon as it was born in 1960

In just nine years after Somalia's independence
The corrupt civilians fell in the jaws of soldiers
A bloodless military coup had been staged
Once again people had sent fists in the air
They blindly rallied behind the military leaders
The president was crowned as Father of The Nation
Long Live The Revolution became the motto
Dictatorship had closed all avenues of democratic change
Freedom of association had been denied as parties were banned
Politics of the time had shaped the nature of a new struggle

Twenty one years later the revolution went into disarray
Armed factions forced its leaders to flee the country
And again people had sent fists in the dry air of revenge
They had rallied behind the new commers wholeheartedly
"Let My Tribe Rise Above Others" became a popular motto
But the very leaders people had supported turned to warlords
They killed the people, raped them, looted and ransacked them
They refuted all efforts that fell beyond the measure of their greed
Like an arrow in the heart of a balloon
They deflated the popularly elected Arta Government
And for two years they kept Col.Yusuf flying like crazy without landing Mogadishu

Sixteen years later Islamic clerics came upon the political scene
With a few battalions of ragtag militia and inferior weaponry
They chased warlords out from the capital city of Mogadishu
Again people had sent fists in the fresh air of spiritual fanaticism
Allahu Akbar is now considered as the popular Motto of Somalia
Is this real now or is it just another  mirage looming in the horizon
Time will Tell

Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed
Mogadishu, Somalia
[email protected]


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