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Somalia: Where Are The Arms Coming From?

Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed Writer and film-Maker Mogadishu, Somalia

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In a UN report published two weeks ago, it was confirmed that ten nations including Iran, Libya, Eritrea, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti were sending arms to the Islamic Clerics in Somalia while on the other hand, Ethiopia, and Uganda were accused of providing troops and military equipment to the weak Transitional Federal Government which has its seat in Baidoa, 240 Kms South West of the capital Mogadishu.

Somalia has now more arms than necessary and there is growing evidence that a war may break out between the islamists and the secular government in which the arms providers will take sides between the warring groups. It is an open secret that the TFG and Union of Islamic Courts are both getting military and financial support from generous nations in and outside the Horn Of Africa region.
Currently there is a massive build up in many parts of the country especially Baidoa where the TFG is receiving military hardware from Ethiopia while the Islamic Courts Union are engaged in a hectic prepartion for war to face the TFG and its allies incase military engagement becomes the only option to take.
Somalia is almost out of the hands of the Somalis and never shall it  come back to the Somalis if it is turned to a battlefield where other nations transport war which they don't want to fight inside their own territories. We have leaders who are hungry for blood and power so it is a good strategy to supply them arms and steal their nation while they are fighting. Our so called leaders speak of war and conflict When nothing is left to fight over. They have friends who only supply arms and ammunition When Somalia needs food and shelter for its flood victims particularly at a time when villages and district towns are being swept away by floods. Those who provide weapons to Somalia are just a hidden shame mirrored in the eyes of humanity. 
Please share this poem with me:
Living with arms
Playing with arms
Coughing arms
Spiting arms
Sneezing arms
Firing arms
Carrying arms
Dismantling arms
Assembling arms
Storing arms
Stashing arms
Buying arms
Selling arms
Displaying arms
Dealing arms
Arms Arms Arms
Somalia is armed to the teeth
Yet it has no arms factory
If you deny giving them arms
Then where are the arms coming from?

Abdi-Noor Mohamed
, Somalia

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