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Somaliland is independent from Somalia, but is it so from Ethiopia?

By AbdiRahman Mahamed

Are we independent from Ethiopia? The truth is I do not know! But what I know is Somaliland and Ethiopia do not have the same interests in Somalia. In addition, I believe Somaliland has brought many things to the table while Ethiopia has not even recognized us!

Let me explain first how we do not have the same interests. Ethiopia does not want a strong Somalia at any point of time while Somaliland badly needs a strong government that represents all Somalia so that we have someone to address our recognition issue. We are in Africa, and recognition is much harder than anyplace else and involves the other party. Whether it is by direct talks or by the UN's intervention, having Somalia back will speed our recognition process.

I will come back to Somalia, now can someone tell me what Ethiopia has brought to our table? Ethiopia today does not recognize Somaliland just because it feels shy to be the first. On the other hand, Somaliland was capturing Iitihaad and non Iitihaad people in Somaliland years ago. Are we giving too much for too little? It was in 2002 when they arrested people  from the fifth region and I wondered why we are interfering in Ethiopian
inner conflict. An elder answered me, they are terrorists; the whole world is fighting them and we should follow the international laws. I asked him back: are we strong enough to fight terrorists in the horn of Africa today when we do not even have water in Hargeisa? The answer was not what I heard but what I saw. Years later, Real terrorists came down to Somaliland and killed westerns and planned to disturb our Elections. That is a
shameful fact you will not hear much. People try to avoid terrorists; our government invited them over! Talk about a policy that made us enter a war with terrorists, one that put our families and democratic transition in danger. We placed all that on the Somaliland –Ethiopian table and still, Ethiopia does not bother itself to recognize Somaliland.

Back to our interests in Somalia, today Ethiopia declares war at Somalia. Just saying that is against the international law, justice and it's amusing to Somalis in general. Where are our ministers who love keeping the international law years back? Sadly, our government that we assumed it stands for peace, freedom and fairness still calls the war- loving Somali-hating Ethiopia: a friend! In one statement, Riyale said "Ethiopia has the right to see its interest in Somalia"! What about us Mr. President? What about Somaliland's interest?

In the article, "Ending Somaliland's self-imposed isolation ", the author Rashid Nur suggested to stand with the TFG because the UIC declared Jihad on Ethiopia. I disagree with my brother Nur in the point that the UIC is the one who started the war. It's Ethiopia that has been supporting warlords in the last 16 years so that Somalia never stands up. If you asked me, that is one reason we are not recognized at the moment. Add to that, it is Ethiopia who is sending troops to Somalia. So I think it's obvious
to be an ally today with who is right and it's more obvious to stand with who is winning than who is loosing. But I agree this is the chance to end our self imposed isolation but not in a way that we will pay its price later on like calling for terrorists.

I am not saying lets declare Jihad at Ethiopia. Somaliland stands for peace and so we should try our best not to have war in the region. Not in a shy statement that no one reads, but in action by stopping our friendly relationship with Ethiopia at this time. Weeks ago both UCID and KULMIYE questioned our relationship with Ethiopia. Unfortunately, that step was interrupted by the show that took place in the news which showed the UIC as a monster and evil enemy to Somaliland.

Back to the table, today UIC is ready to give things. It already offered a compensation for the genocide the former regime committed to Somaliland. Weather that makes sense or not, it’s a sign for friendship the both parties are desperate for. Of course, they want Somaliland to unite with them. That is exactly what India asks Pakistan every time. So it is time we understand that and should not take that as a sign of hostility. Simply, we can calmly say no to union but welcome any cooperation between the two parties. We should know that every one in Somalia wants Somaliland and here and there we will find names that we consider war criminals. But the UIC is at least aware of that and ready to talk about it. This also a lesson to the USA, UK and Ethiopia who took us for granted  and kept ignoring our quest for recognition.

Why would we let Ethiopian weapons arrive at our ports when we know it will be used against Somalis?

Let me tell you what is more ridiculous, we are doing that for free!

Somaliland Ha Noolaato

AbdiRahman Mohamed (Haadka)
E-mail: [email protected]

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of "Hiiraan Online"

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