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Somaliland public showed good sense and fidelity to principle

By Abdulkadir J. Dualeh

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The public of Somaliland has barred their elected political leaders from engaging in opportunistic politics designed to take advantage of the bias Ethiopia and the Western World harbor against the ICU leadership.  


Knowing full well that Ethiopia and the West are ready to hound, hunt, persecute and slander the leaders of the ICU, Somaliland public have restrained their leaders from joining the enemy camp.


This public sentiment represents a sublime faith in the true spirit of Islamic teachings.  It is an unprecedented fidelity to the directive that it is better to blow up the Kaba than to shed a Muslim blood.


It is evidence and proof that Islamic governments of the people by the people for the people are superior to despotism.


Somaliland public has so far resisted to bargain belligerence towards the ICU in return for CIA money and Ethiopian guns.  They chose to profess and proclaim principles rather sell their brethren to gain short-term political and material gain.


This unilateral concession to the ICU by Somaliland public is based on good sense.  The long-term interests of Somaliland are not in accord with Ethiopia or the Arabs.


These nations desire is to install a tyrant.  They equate strong Somalia with a Somalia run by a despot. Such an outlook is contrary to Somaliland’s view that strength of nations comes from good governments where people are sovereign and the law supreme


It is no secret that a politically correct way of duping the AU, EU, and the AL in to supporting your cause is to simply wave a blue flag and engage in slander against the ICU leadership.


Somaliland had innumerable opportunities to engage in such predatory politics. They refused to participate in sham conferences designed to enthrone tyrants.  They rejected to engage in intrigue at the palaces of the Middle East.  


Unless the ICU reciprocates this good will of the Somaliland public with an equally courageous renunciation of violence and mutual recognition of one another, future events may take a different course.  There are forces already counseling the public to practice Realpolitik and abandon principles


The geopolitics of Somalia today is such that Somaliland and the ICU control 70% of the geography and 80% of the populace.  If they mutually recognize each other, the foreign forces will lose their leverage and wont be able to play one faction against the other.

Somaliland and the ICU are now responding to pressures from foreign nations and are adapting polices that are inexorably drifting them towards a balance of terror.  If this trend continues, one million Somaliland holy warriors armed by Ethiopia and one million ICU holy warriors armed by the Arabs, each foaming at the mouth, and theirs sprits puffed up by divine ambition, will slaughter each other like cattle.


The limbs, brains and other body parts of Muslim Somalis will be scattered all over the land.


The architects of the tragedy, Arabs and Meles, will land their corporate jets in Mogadishu and Hargeisa, inspect the palpitating bodies and half burned corpse of innocent public, and promptly install a gregarious tyrant


Saudi Arabia Aramco will take over the oil resources; Dubai ports will take over Berbera and Mogadishu and hire Somalis as porters; Egypt will get a million armed Somali youth to be fed into Ethiopian canon. Meles will get a weakened Somalia.


The natural resources of the land will be dealt away by a despot with no accountability to the public. Somalis will eat at the sewers of large corporations just like the do in Angola and Nigeria – two countries blessed with natural wealth but cursed with corruption and bad government.


There will be a monument erected at the mass gravesite of the victims.  The epitaph in the monument will read, “ Here lie victims of stupidity, intolerance, suspicion and fear. These victims all invoked the name of Allah and sought his blessing to give them victory over one another” 


The site will share infamy with the monuments built for the Hutu/Tutsi victims in Rwanda.


There is a better alternative.  De-escalate the unnecessary and pointless quarrel. Tell the Arabs and Ethiopian to go home. Mutually recognize each other. Sign a collective security agreement that commits both sides to militarily come to each other’s aid.  ICU prepares a constitution for the south. ICU Conducts election in the south in four years. 


Abdulkadir J. Dualeh

E-mail: [email protected]


The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of "Hiiraan Online"

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