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An Urgent Call To All Somalilanders

By Mohamed Ahmed Haybe 

“In the name Allah, Most gracious, Most Merciful.” 
An Urgent Call to all Somalilanders 

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I have a very important question for all Somalilanders: Are we still free and independent state? We have survived corruption, genocide, and humiliation but I never doubted our independence when we were part of Somalia. For the first time I am beginning to doubt it and here is why.

Historically, our nation and Ethiopia were always and probably forever will be sworn enemies to each other for reasons well understood even to our children as young as four year olds. Today, Ethiopians are everywhere in Somaliland even in our most sensitive areas like the Berbera Sea ports. I heard our Government had done a lot of dirty and immoral things to please the Ethiopian Government and  today, I am hearing we are standing by Mr. Sanawi to invade Somalia and commit the genocide of our brothers and sisters in the south. 

Ethiopia as they declared is determined to invade Somalia. Their stated excuses so far include:

            1. The Islamic courts being a threat to them.     

2. They are going to do what ever it takes to defend the so called Temporary Government of Abdillahi Yussuf. 

Every Government in the region and across the world with any interest in the region took a stand and made their views known except Somaliland and Puntland. Some countries clearly stated that Somali problems are between the Somalis and demanded that Ethiopia and all the neighbors to stay out. Others including Somaliland and Puntland refused to point the finger at the unlawful Ethiopian aggression and are openly supporting the Ethiopian claims regarding the presence foreign troops and Terrorism individuals in Somalia. Neither of these has not been substantiated and the Islamic courts have extended an open invitation to the world community to come in for fact finding mission. Didn’t we learn anything from Iraq invasion? Where are the WMD‘s? How much are we willing to sell our brothers and sisters blood For? Do we really think this is in the best interest of our young nation? 

Think about this for a minute. Ethiopian Troops are in the South arming and training groups. They are in Puntland arming them and training. What who and why is Ethiopia helping? I am not old enough to witness it but I was told this was an old colonial trick called divide and rule. The intention is to destroy us so They can have their way with us. Have we lost our minds? Are so we blinded by our  personal demons that we can’t see the seduction of the colonial whispers in this day and age? 

Fellow brothers and sisters of Somaliland, I was counting the days like many of you praying that the next Government will be better and more receptive to the needs and values of its people. This hope I had was dashed yesterday morning when I listened to the interviews of two leaders of the Two opposition parties (Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Solanyo of KULMIYE, and Mr. Hassan Hussein of UCID) on Radio Waberi (recorded Fri. Nov. 3rd. Check it out).  

The reporter Mr. Mohamed Osman “Sayid” asked the two leaders a simple and straight forward question. He phrased his question like this: The Government of Somaliland is on the side of Mr. Sanawi and Abdullah Yussuf, what is your party’s position on the imminent war in Somalia?” 

Mr. Hassan Hussein of UCID kept talking about the problems with in the Government, … etc. but never addressed the question, totally ignored the question. Mr. Silanyo, on the other hand, stated the obvious but never took a position either. This afternoon, he held another Press Conference about the same question that was carried by the BBC. I assumed he talked to other members of the party and he was taking a stand this time.This a summary of what my brother (Silanyo) said: There are two primary forces confronting each other in Somalia, the Ethiopian troops and the Islamic Courts (the Egad Government is by name ONLY).These two forces should talk. He also expressed his wish for peaceful resolution and good-will to our brothers in the South. He also declared that there are foreign troops in Somalia and added that Ethiopia has the right to defend itself.

Brother Ahmed, you are an icon and a hero to all Somalilanders. But I respectfully disagree with you on three accounts besides the fact that I still don’t know where you stand on the issue: 

1.      The presence of foreign troops in Somalia is just an allegation as far as I know.

2.      When you said Ethiopia has the right to defend itself, it sounded like you were legitimizing what appears to me as Ethiopian aggression. What is happening in Somalia is Somali’s business and should remain so. Bear in mind that the Islamic Courts never said they were attacking Ethiopia, they declared war on the Ethiopian troops in their soil illegally.

3.      If and when the Somalis successfully reconcile and build a Government of their own, which will happen with or without the Ethiopian blessing soon (Insha Allah) I don’t think it is a reasonable expectation that they will leave Somaliland alone with a talk, as you appealed . It is incumbent upon us to take a stand a make our case for a friendly and consensual divorce. We were brothers for a long time and should remain so. Let us not ruin a wonderful and dependable brotherhood for a relationship that can never happen. Our attitude towards them and whether we keep catering to the wishes of Sanawi now will make or break our case. You were the leader that who brought us here. Get together with some of your fellow SNM heroes and take us one more step to the promised land: The Nation of Somaliland. It may be much easier for us to get from our brothers what we could not get from the rest of the world and Ethiopia for 15 years. 

As Somalilander, I am forever in debt of the thousands and thousands of heroes of The SNM and others before them who sacrificed their lives and limbs to free us from Siyad Barre’s terror and genocide and created Islamic and Independent Nation whose policies adhere to the Islamic Shareeca 15 years ago, way before any Islamic Courts. A Constitution was drafted aimed to strengthen our deeply ingrained moral and national values. Two weeks ago, the president reaffirmed his commitment to the Islamic Shareeca.  

Mr. President, we have heard your promise and we greatly appreciate it. But where are the deeds?  the notion of business as usual and the indifference of your Government towards the potential invasion and massacre of thousands of our Somali brothers and sisters does not square with our claim as Muslims and is against every- thing we stand for. We have a lot at stake in this regional crises both as Muslims and as a nation.  This the moment when real leaders shine and make the tough descissions required. You owe us an immediate explanation of your Government’s views of this imminent danger. The rumor is you are on the side of Mr. Sanawi’s aggression please tell us it is not so. 

I know for certainty that remaining brothers in arms with our Somali brothers is not only morally right but is the only decision we can consider that is essential to the survival of our young nation. If allying with Ethiopia is in our National interest, believe me we would have known about it by now. The questions who is benefiting from this? !!! 

This is one time I wish I was wrong, or was in a bad dream. However, if anyone shares my feeling, please let your feelings be known now before it is too late or you will have to answer why you stood by in judgment day. Let us add our voices to those who are trying to steer the country to the right path of accountability and personal responsibility. Let us force our Government to take a break from their super secret reconciliation business and take a stand we can live with. Thank you.  

May God grant us the Wisdom to do the right thing, and may God grant us and our Somali brothers His Mercy and His Forgiveness. AMIN.

Mohamed Ahmed Haybe

This article was originally published in  Somaliland.org  on Nov 7, 2006

The opinions contained in this article are solely those of the writer, and in no way, form or shape represent the editorial opinions of "Hiiraan Online"

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