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Enough is enough for the Somali people

by Jibril Ibrahim

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How many Somalis will have to die before the so called TFG (former warlords who held Somalis hostage for 16 years) gives up their quest for power? How long will the international community allow members of united nation (the Ethiopia and their sponsor the US) to violate the sovereignty of another member of the United Nations?  It is time for the international community to recognize  they  cannot impose  illegitimate government on the Somali people, It is also time for Meles to give up for his quest for greater Ethiopia because it has not happen in the past and will not happen in the future. As to the Transitional federal government, former warlords hand picked by ruthless Ethiopian regime, it is time for them to swallow their pride, give up their quest for power and let the Somali elders and intellectuals run the country. 

The international community specially the United States must respect the will of the Somali people. Somalis have had so many trials and tribulation for the past sixteen years and don’t need more wars. One lesson that was learned from Somali conflict for the past sixteen years is that no outside force can suppress the will of the Somali people no matter how strong they think they are.  

It was not long time ago when the UN under the name UNISOM lead by the US tried to create client government in Somalia and everybody knows what the end result of that exercise was.  

The international community must let the Somali people decide who should they chose to run their county.  Even though Somalis held numerous demonstrations both inside and outside Somalia against deployment of outside force, our fellow Africans sponsored by the warmonger in Washington are still insisting on the deployment of their forces in Somalia.   

The advice to my fellow African people is to stay away from the Somali conflict. You don’t seem to understand the root cause of the conflict .By taking sides in the Somali conflict you will be seen as an invaders rather than peace keepers. If you don’t listen and deploy your troops in Somalia against the will of the Somali people, Somalis will resort anything they can to drive you out of their land. A government that seeks protecting against the citizens it was suppose to govern should not be protected.  

As to the United States, Somalis don’t have history on being terrorists.  the Union of Islamic Court was grass roots movement who decided to take the country out of the crisis. They came from different tribes united the Somalis under the banner of Islam, pacified Mogadishu, and eliminated the piracy that terrorized the international ships for the first time in 16 years.  

The international community including the United States must realize that the only way to end and find a solution to the current Somali problem is to let the Somalis have the environment to sit and talk (stop the interference). The international community also need to withdraw their support from the warlords sitting in Baidoa warehouse who turned the clock back to where the Somalis were sixteen years ago.  

As to the Ethiopian government, you brought the most despised warlords to Mogadishu but you cannot impose them on the Somali people. It is better for you leave soon and abandon your quest to install client government in Mogadishu because Somalis both inside and outside will never accept that kind government. If you don’t leave soon all Somalis will rise up and drive you out of their land. 

As to this illegitimate government (TFG), please give up your quest for power that will never materialize for the sake of the Somali people and the country. If the current conflict continues, Somalia will empty soon. Please swallow your pride and step aside and let the Somali elders and intellectuals run the country. You have lost the confidence of the Somali people when you brought Ethiopian army to every corner of Somalia. You know you cannot survive without your sponsor, the Ethiopian army even single minute.  Why then would you want to hold the power by the thread? Even your sponsors are being barricaded in Mogadishu and attacked from every corner on a daily basis. Please for the sake of the Somali people step a side and let the Somali elders and intellectual bring the country some kind of normalcy.  Once normalcy is brought back to the country then we can talk about reconciliation conference. Please stop fooling the Somalia people by telling them you will hold reconciliation conference in the country when everybody knows the country is occupied. You have been in Mogadishu for more that a month and so many lives have already been lost under your so called government. We Somalis know that 4.5 Ethiopian formulas will not work in Somalia. You must have seen it already in your own eyes that no one is taking orders from you. You have nominated so many administrations in many parts of southern Somalia where the people who live in that area rejected your nomination. 

In order to solve the current Somali conflict the following things have to happen: 

1: Ethiopia must leave Somalia without delay and no outside force should be deployed in Somalia. 

2: The international community must withdraw their support from this illegitimate government and respect the will of the Somali people to choose their destiny. 

3: The TFG to step aside and let the Somali elders and intellectual take over the country in order to bring normalcy to the country. 

4- Once the occupiers leave the country, reconciliation conference to be held in Somalia and let the Somalis decide what kind of government you will chose. 

It is time to stop these senseless killings in Somalia because our people have had enough wars already. 

Jibril Ibrahim 
Mechanical Engineer 
Alberta, Canada

E-mail: [email protected]

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