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UIC offer no solution to Somalia's Ills

By A Abdi


UIC: Islamic movement or Tribal fervor:


Birth of UIC


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A mistake too often made by those examining UIC’s behavior in the Somali political theatre or when analyzing its stand against bringing African Union Peace keeping force in the country or interpreting their call for Jihad – is to assume that UIC’s are acting in good faith. Even their most trenchant critics can fall into this trap not to mention the oppressed average Somali person in the hands of the merciless warlords  past 16 years.


Without prejudice, let us examine facts.  The movement that brought down the Mogadishu’s powerful warlord’s club was none other than TFG bottom up approach.  Movement spearheaded by the Government nominated Governor and Mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Hassan Adde Gaabow collaborated by traditional chieftains mainly from Abgaal clan. Clearly, it is part of our culture not render credit where its due.


With the help of IGAD member states, TFG pursued economic sanctions against warlords by shutting down their airports and movements. Governor / Mayor Adde outsmarted, humiliated and defeated Yalahow and Qanyare’s tempts of setting up parallel administration opposing his constitutionally nominated office. Thus, reduced their economic and political influence in Mogadishu. . According to Mogadishu’s civil society organs it was a matter of time to witness the collapse of warlord era in Mogadishu and Somalia.


It was Governor Adde, who early on engaged some members of the local tribal courts; currently known UIC to help him defeat the warlords.   Called it bad calculation on Governor’s part or political naiveté. A group who benefited running under world business and were alleged behind the killings of many Somali intellectuals (Scholars, Army Generals and Business Leaders) in Mogadishu whom they found out of step or see challenge their way of Somalia, including the murderous killings of activist Abdulkadir Yahye, who got murdered in front of his wife and children in the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention twice attempts made on the life of the Prime Minister while visiting Mogadishu. And who can forget those suicide shocking pictures on the life of President of Somalia, followed by strings of suicide attempts in Baydhaba.


Sadly, the under world operators found and seized a new platform meant for bettering the lives of all Somalis, but, firstly, that of Mogadishu inhabitants. More importantly, warlords, after realizing the unclimbable growing tide against their grip on the neck of lean Somali people sought the backings of terror obsessed USA government and suddenly started pointing the true pictures of the tribal courts, whom they shared the prevention of  rebirth of a viable Somali nation over the years.  The rage of the common person initiated by the TFG, fuelled by governor Adde including that of tribal courts run over the warlords. Nevertheless, in nanno seconds, just before the ashes cooled down, the tribal courts seized / hijacked the movement and marginalized Governor Adde and all those who wanted to see the white starred blue flag wave confidently, once more.




The TFG following the agreed path of reconciliation extended olive branch and courted  UIC to  accept 7 point peace plan agreement in Khartoum, Sudan. Sadly, before the signed peace pages dried the UIC violated the most fundamental basis of the 7 point peace and confidence building measures by grapping more territories in the south and threatened the peace in the stable regions (Puntland & Somaliland). With that in mind, TFG continued peace efforts and dialogue with the UIC, hoping direct engagement might bear fruit.


Nonetheless, it is very clear Somalis alone cannot bring peace and stability in the country. Both internal and external factors are not allowing this peace to move forward. Whilst, it is the internal factor that most to blame. Called it low confidence, low infrastructure or low capacity. It is imperative to have some sort of intervention – we became (Rag iyo Dumar aan is indho buuxin).


The derogatory 4.5 formula of power divisions among the Somali clans was/is the best suited path for peace to come in our country. However, it sounds disgusting and primitive. It was the only formula to wheel the dragon forward. Former TFG President and now the poster child of UIC (Abdi Qasim Salad Hassan) participated both the letter and the spirit of the election /selection process. All of a sudden, it became a flawed process dictated by foreign interventionists.


To cover their hidden and masked intentions, UIC called Jihad to liberate Hargeysa, Boosaaso, Nairobi, Addis and all Muslim territories from advancing enemies. Thus far their achievements are limited to petty and minimal activities including closing sports bars and providing security who ever can afford Indho Adde’s well armed boys. Oops, how one can forget opening the great National Port. The catch is the keys to the port was handed to Abukar Omar Addani and his Benadir Corporation for financing the war. Meaning, Ceelmacaan and now Mogadishu ports are belonging to one group.


Islam is a religion of peace and we should be outraged when violence is associated with. My stomach crunches when western media portrays and links Islam the activities of a few. Equally, we should reject and desist when Islam is associated with violence by misguided power hungry individuals in our midst. Take a walk in down town Hargeysa or Boosaaso when Maghrib prayer is called. All Masjids are filled and half the people are praying outside the mosques, dutifully. Hence, we are all Muslims.


Finally, our solution lies the continuation of the collective tribal bargaining. It is the TFG which represents this process. Five years from now, our bargaining chips could move to regional identities. TFG is not a perfect institution. But it is the only vehicle sufficient for us to ride. Less desirable elements; currently on board may not be allowed to re-board when the right and merit politics are deployed. Today, it is Miro gunti ku jira, kuwo geed saaran looma daadiyo. Let the TFG do its mandate. Do not shed peace shed hatred.


A Abdi

Joburg, SA

Contact: [email protected]

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