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The End of Al-Shabaab in Somalia

by Dr. M. Omar Hashi
Friday, October 07, 2011

The abhorrent terrorist attack on October 4th, 2011 against Mogadishu students signals the end of Al-Shabaab terrorists.

For the Somali youth that have been killed and also those who are now fighting for their lives in Ankara’s hospitals, let the word finally listen to Turkey and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to act in ending the appalling crimes against humanity in Somalia. Today, the so called International Criminal Court in the Hague and the Arab League sits paralyzed to even condemn Al-Shabaab for its brutal and unprovoked massacres in Mogadishu.

Al-Shabaab’s logic

Basically, the Al-Shabaab logic is similar to that of the AMISOM occupiers. Both groups are vehemently anti-Somalia in orientation. Secondly, both Al-Shabaab and AMISOM calculate that peace and normalcy in Mogadishu will directly end their reign of terror and respective cash-flows.  Furthermore, since Turkey and the Organization for Islamic Conference (OIC) have become involved in helping the oppressed Mogadishu people, many Somali communities in the Diaspora have equally become inspired to help provide humanitarian support to their country.

Instead of embracing all of these Islamic principles of mercy and peace, the Al-Shabaab terrorist leaders and their Al-Qaeda backers in Somalia have responded by launching cruel bombings, beheadings, and unprovoked attacks against civilians. The aim is to keep Somalis fearful about a peaceful future for their country.

Unfortunately, the international community’s apathy to the suffering of Somali victims helps to reinforce a defining characteristic of the Al-Shabaab terrorists:  unbridled criminality. The depraved Al-Qaeda inspired Al-Shabaab terrorists are deficient of any decency or shame when it comes to causing the mass murder of innocent civilians. However, the terrorist Al-Shabaab leadership finds itself in serious trouble. The Al-Shabaab has become isolated from the local population since they are not from Mogadishu and have no grassroots support among the resident clans.

In Mogadishu and throughout Southern Somalia, the people’s daily condition is changing for the better as peace, development, and humanitarian assistance pours in from Turkey and other friendly Islamic nations. Clearly, Somali people with help of Turkey are beginning to believe in the possibility and potential of peace in Somalia.  Naturally, this development is a direct threat to both the criminality of the Al-Shabaab terrorists and AMISOM occupiers who rely on Western funds in their so called “War on Terror” on Somali civilians.

Why Al-Shabaab Fears Turkey

What’s more, since the humanitarian situation has recently improved in Mogadishu, the Al-Shabaab terrorist leadership is very fearful and apprehensive about Turkey’s growing involvement to end the famine and rebuild Mogadishu. The Al-Qaeda controlled leadership fears Turkey for many reasons. First, Turkey is a friendly Islamic nation, which also has a lot influence within the Muslim world. Turkey also has a powerful military. Therefore, the Al-Shabaab gangs fully understand that they cannot attack Turkey without paying serious consequences. As a result, Al-Shabaab has instead decided to declare an Open War against Mogadishu civilians who seek Turkish humanitarian assistance and scholarships.

In addition, the wider Southern Somali population has begun to reject Al-Shabaab’s brutality completely. Most Southern Somali communities in Mogadishu are very appreciative of Turkish humanitarian assistance.  Making it even worse for the terrorist Al-Shabaab leadership, those foot soldiers that originally came from Mogadishu have begun to leave. These brainwashed child soldiers have been used to commit bloody crimes against their own people for far too long. Sadly, the so called Al-Shabaab leadership only wants to use these individuals to destroy their clans and also to sacrifice them to get money from Al-Qaeda.


In-order to end hopelessness and misery in Somalia the Al-Qaeda controlled Al-Shabaab leadership must be put on trial for their crimes against the Somali people in Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab leadership does not have any public support among Southern Somalis, so they now feel that they must continue committing daily crimes and brutality to stay relevant in Mogadishu. Consequently, the Al-Shabaab terrorist attacks against Somali students will only sow the seeds of their imminent destruction.  There is no politics or reason in killing innocent and impoverished Somalis. The continuing outrages and barbaric beheadings of Mogadishu residents further exposes to the world why Al-Qaeda controlled Al-Shabaab terrorists have now become the ultimate scourge of peace in Somalia.

Ultimately, it is the foreign Al-Qaeda masters living in the Middle East who direct them to continue to kill and behead hundreds of innocent Somali women, children, the elderly, religious scholars, medical doctors, and intellectuals. The Al-Shabaab is in no way or shape fighting for Somalia. They hate Somalia and are truly shameless hypocrites who posses no understanding of basic Islamic tenets, morality, or nationalism. In fact, the Al-Shabaab along with AMISIOM has chosen to hold the Somali nation as captives for the slaughter.

Dr. M. Omar Hashi
E-mail: [email protected]