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Kudos to Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah (ASWJ)!

by Abdul-Aziz Mohammed
Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In any chaotic situation, where the rules of order and decency rendered null and void and man becomes vicious, always look for the defenders of the truth. For only with the truth could there be a victory over evils, which are always based on lies. Somalia’s wars (of 18 years) have been about lies. There was the audacious lie of a “clan hegemony,” which chose—at that fateful moment of the Somali government collapse in 1991—a phantom clan-dream over the solid national unity and governance. This, when exposed as futile, gave birth to the phenomenon of turf warlords, which (as a consequence) spurred an alien, to the Somalis, religious fanaticism.

There was, of course, the parallel efforts (15 of them) by the international community to impose on the Somalis governments on the same lies mentioned above. The world has too often mistakenly entrusted the mantle of rule in Somalia, in the last 18 years, with the respective and successive liars who perpetrated the devastating lies on Somalis! Heap of lies upon lies have only buried the country of Somalia and produced misery for its people!  

A Somali proverb goes” wax la eryo, been baa u orad gaaban, “which means: all things chased, a lie is the slowest. Indeed, this is the good news—the hope which sought Somalis through hell on earth—that, one of these days, the truth will finally stand up and take it to the lies!

Today, who in Somalia stands for the truth? What is the truth in the first place? The truth in our Somali case, my dear maandeeq, is in the Somali cultural and religious traditions of ages and ages. And, whatever group, in this existing chaos, is to restore the old Somali values clearly stands for the truth.

This brings me to a little known, until lately, Somali group by the name of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah (ASWJ). Their name alone was the first-shot heard across all Somalia, directly aimed at the non-traditionalist, Wahhab-beast and their coat-hangers of Hiz-bulls! This Islamic religious name in Arabic, the Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah, means: the people of precedents and consensus (precedents in the prophet’s (SAW) and his immediate followers’ (RA) ways and consensus of Islamic scholars). It is the name all true followers of Islam anywhere call themselves. Clearly, and without any doubt, Wahhabism is outside Islamic precedents and consensus.

There is much in a name, and the name of this group (ASWJ) signifies a deliberate line in the sand against come-lately innovators in Somalia with their sheikhu Al-Najad (Abdul-Wahhab) long and systematically refuted ideology!

For much too long, the forces of darkness with their black flag have been on the march in Somalia, dispensing their evil craft on a people who already have borne much too great a suffering on one other deception after another.

ASWJ, it would seem, have pulled together different clans and communities across Central Somalia on Somali traditional common grounds. Where others, like the extremists, have forced people, or utterly failed, like the so-called government, which is incapable and unimaginative, the ASWJ has succeeded in coalition-building. The cunning and clever Al-Shabaab, in public relations and propaganda, is now forced to copy-off of ASWJ in gathering and utilizing Somali elders, as the Shar-Alshabaab have been doing in the Ramadan Hotel in Mogadishu last few days. Does anybody believe these elders, if they are genuine elders, are there voluntarily?

 Also, just 3 days ago, President Sheikh Sharif would meet some national duubabo and Ugaasyo (elders) for the first time, after his touchdown in Mogadishu last March as the president. What took him so long?

With God (SWT) on their side, and His and His messenger’s (SAW) Dikri (chants of praise) on their lips, the ASWJ forces have gone to battle 33 times to date against Al-Shabaab. The score is: 33-0 for the Sufis! Remarkable!  

On the same Islamic religion, the ASWJ would fantastically establish peace and security in the areas under its control, without resorting to cutting-off of the limbs of petty criminals or stoning any one to death. They do it by educating and effective policing of the people. Where necessary, in rare cases, they do carryout capital punishment (qisaas). That, dearest Maandeeq, is our fathers’ and forefathers,’ of 1400 years, true Islamic traditions?

In matters of custom (cultural traditions), the Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah, as it should be, do not question the people on their old past times! So, sing songs and fire-away the poetry. Go on with wedding ceremonies, and fit-in some time in your schedule for some soccer game in the afternoon, dearest. Commence with fervor, I tell you, the Dhaanto, burraanbur and walasaqo (Somali cultural folk dances). Let us only ban the Niikis (there is something inappropriate about it), perhaps! Also, our girls must go to schools and compete with the boys on all levels of education, as the case already in all areas under ASWJ control.

All in all, the Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah group stands for bridging the gaps among Somali clans on common destiny of Somaalinimo (Somalism), qarannimo (nationalism) and cultural and religious heritage. They neither have the ambition to dominate anyone, nor want to be rulers of Somalia. But, they made one thing very clear: that they will not rest until they erase the bid’a (innovation) and its pushers, the extremist, from all Somalia. Their forces and leaders are from all walks, like former members of the Somali National Army, camel boys or any Somali, Sufi or otherwise, turned worrier!

As the brave sons of the Hiiraan region, under the banner of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah, are fumigating the filth of the Hiz-bulls out of beautiful Beletweine, Jawhar and Bal’ad towns will not be far behind. It shall not be too long before the forces of ASWJ, from central and Middle Shebelle regions of Somalia, linkup with the besieged and embattled government forces in Mogadishu, where the final great pushback and dismantling of the Satan forces will begin! The Tsunami of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah is gathering to a critical title wave to devastate the liars, for all Somalis in north and south of Somalia are Muslims of the true creed of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah!    

Great retribution is at hand on the religious impostors. The time to set fire on their fake pious beards has arrived. There is nowhere to hide for them, the Shar-Al-Shabaab and their water carrying Hiz-bulls. Naturally, the brain-washed, foot-soldier Somali youngsters (by and for the Afghan-trained, Al-Qaeda- wannabe leaders) shall defect or run back home to look after their herds—leaving Mr. Godane and company exposed for turkey-shooting on their persons by the good guys! All foreign fighter captured shall be hanged simultaneously from raw of poles, erected for the occasion, as a clear message to Osama. Nobody messes with the Somalis! This we shall do not for America or anybody else, but for the hijacked true Islamic and cultural traditions of Somalis! Enough of butchering people or yanking gold or silver from Somali women’s mouths!

As the falsehood of religious extremism is completely defeated, so too it shall also be the final nail on the coffin of all the lies, in one form of another, preceded or paralleled the current mother of lies of extreme religiosity.

Then and only then shall Somalis have an authentic government that will rule on both religious and cultural traditions of the Somalis. That is a government in the capable hands of the best and qualified to run the affairs of a state, which must be a genuinely representative of all Somalis in all regions, big or small. No more rewarding of groups for their militia assets or prowess in anarchy!    

Abdul-Aziz Mohammed
[email protected]

ASWJ—Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamah (people of precedents and consensus)

SWT-- Subhanahu wa-ta'ala (glorious and exalted is He (Allah))

SAW-- (Arabic: م‎ وسل عليه الله صلى Sall Allahu ʿalayhi WA sallam - S.A.W. or SAAW) - May Allah bless him and grant him peace (Prophet Muhammad)

RA-- Radi-Allahu anhum (Allah be pleased with them)