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Shabab Leaders are from Somaliland.

Shabab leaders from the Northern Somalia are mainly to blame for destroying Southern Somalia.

by Mahdi Haile
Sunday, April 18, 2010

As far as The Southern Somalis are concerned, the people who are destroying Somali are from The Break away republic OF Somaliland who wants to entertain international recognition. Perhaps the Southern Somalia´s woes and wars; are the efforts of people from Somaliland who want to achieve international recognition for Somaliland. There has been no time for political settlement in the south, rehabilitation or reconstruction. The- population from southern Somalia have scattered around the world and Most do not know where their loved ones are and whether they are still living or dead. They live in fear under a heavy Shabab military presence, led Axmed Cabdi Goodane, also known as Moktar Ali Zubeyr Godane the Amir of Shabab who is from Somaliland. according

Ahmed Abdi Ow Mohamud Godane was born in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland 10 July 1977. • He is from Arab sub-clan in Isaq clan, one of the dominant clan in northern Somalia . • He had received a scholarship in Pakistan funded by Saudi blind millionaires. • He used to visit in Afghanistan during holidays

In 2001, physically tin, Godane returned to Hargeisa, Somaliland . He began preaching in Abu-Bashir mosque in central Hargeisa between 2002 and 2003.

He was working for Ex-Barakat Telesom, Somaliland .

Later Godane left from Somaliland follwing a row with some of his group over a large amount of money they roped from an Ethiopian businessman and then come to southern Somalia. Godane and Afkhani both had trainings in Afghanistan and made friends in southern Somalia where they diverted their mission and doubled it.

When the Islamic Courts Union came to power in southern Somalia in 2006 Mr. Godane who gave himself the name ´Abu-Zubeyr became the general secretary for ICU.

During the start of the war with Ethiopia late 2006, Godane got wounded and flown to Sudan for medical treatment. • He was brought back in southern Somalia February 2007 where he continued his terror mission.

In southern Somalia, People suffer a continued armed Shabab presence, and daily human rights violations that are perpetrated with impunity and with no independent investigation of these crimes.

According to reliable sources, then the former business man and man with money coming from Somali land is definitely the evil in southern Somalia. But should the Somali Landers covertly be backing him as their candidate to insatiability in Southern Somalia? Which I don't think so; he is implicated in war crimes and crimes against humanity. These men and many other Somalilanders in Shabab ranks were largely responsible for the instability of the South Somalia and kin and for the destruction of Somalia.

They should be brought to court to answer for their crimes and, given that, I believe it is morally and ethically impossible to throw one's monetary or material support behind either of these criminals from Northern Somalia.

Southern Somali have always been at warlord sponsored wars. However this war is different and it has to be one that is getting monetary and material support from Northern Somalia and other State sponsors. The international community should monitor this situation closely.

Mahdi Haile
E-mail: [email protected]