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Somaliland - the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and their End

by Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis
Monday May12, 2008

It was just a myth; that of a part of Somali territory being calm and ´still´ functioning as a state. The myth was enhanced by narratives about the peaceful image of Berbera, the illegal harbour of the permanently anti-Somali Abyssinians in … Somalia.

The myth sounded logical; many believed that some Somalis wished to keep their lives far from the Mogadishu troubles. It could be true.

The myth was enriched with reconfirmations, justifications and explanations based on historical events. Northwestern Somalia had indeed crossed difficult times during the Siyad Barre presidency in the 80s.

Then, the myth started being transformed into an anecdote. If peace is preserved in Hargeysa, during the Civil Strife in the Somali South, why does the precarious and unrecognized state of Somaliland demand international recognition? Why on earth can´t the Hargeysa authorities discuss with the other Somalis, why can´t they help set up an all-Somali conference where everything will be discussed and a compromise will be reached in order to let all cohabitate under a re-unified Somalia?

As questions started arising about the possible intentions of the Hargeysa administrators (do not call them ministers or president, if you please!), the Somaliland anecdote turned out to be the Hargeysa comedy. Treacherously elected gang members went on with declarations of divisiveness and discord. Because of having been mistreated by someone who is not alive and whose collaborators can be retraced today throughout Somalia, among all parts, territories and parties, the Hargeysa clowns ´decided´ that the prefab ´Somaliland´ should go alone, and embarked on an all-consuming, unrealistic, heart-breaking, quixotic, and definitely un-Somali effort to obtain an otherwise impossible recognition.

The so-called Hargeysa ministers became the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and every foreign visitor who happened to belong to an elected or unelected government was portrayed as herald of Somaliland´s recognition. But the recognition never came! Even worse, those who promised help did not deliver, and this happened despite the facilities offered to them.

We talk of course about the traditional, historical, and vicious enemies of Somalia, the Abyssinians; they promised help, if offered facilities at the Berbera harbour. What would become of Abyssinia, fallaciously re-baptized Ethiopia, if Somaliland closed it borders or asked the same high customs duties as those demanded at the Djibouti harbour? Yet, the Abyssinian allies of the Hargeysa ignorant, inexperienced and panicked rulers have a local liaison office at Hargeysa that they don´t dare promote to the level of consulate or embassy, as it would signify direct recognition of Somaliland. Why? The reason is simple; if they do so, they may eventually influence other countries in doing so. This does not correspond to the real interests of the Neo-Nazi Abyssinian gangsters around the Tigray tyrant Meles Zenawi; if this happened, they would lose all the leverage they have been exercising over Hargeysa. The Hargeysa clowns are therefore constrained to play in a tragedy.

Try to find a so-called ´Ethiopian´ embassy at Hargeysa or Somaliland´s reps (http://www.exportethiopia.com/EmbassiesOf.aspx) in any official document (http://www.mfa.gov.et/Consular_Affair_Diplomatic/OrderofPrecedenceofAmbassadors.pdf)! You will fail! The Abyssinians are not like the Turks who recognized the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, despite the fact that no other country in the world did so!

Thus, the Hargeysa tragic fellows depended more and more on the false promises of their Abyssinian despisers who masqueraded as friendly advisers deeply loath them as they have always hated the Somali nation in its entirety. Direct consequence of the evil Abyssinian hatred of Somalia is the continuously malicious advice the Abyssinian governor of Somaliland has been giving the pathetic Hargeysa rulers.

Even worse, the baseless regime of Hargeysa, to please their hypocritical masters, entered into shameful deals of treachery, extraditing Ogadeni Somalis to the Tigray cannibals of Zenawi.

The heinous and rancorous Abyssinian pseudo-friends of Somaliland turned thus their Hargeysa lackeys against all the other Somalis; at the same time, they directed them against their own territory´s inhabitants, and their own tribe´s members. The Isaaq Somalis may certainly have rightful complaints to discuss with other Somalis, but they never ceased to be genuine Somalis, like all the rest. A certain number among them have been entrapped in the myths narrated by the Hargeysa gangsters around Riyale for 17 consecutive years, but this has ended by now, as truth became evident to all. Even fewer may have supported the Riyale regimes because of tribal connections and affiliations; they now realize that the regime of their friends and relatives is totally unrepresentative.

As the situation has become clear, and Riyale´s mask has fallen, practically speaking all the Somalis of NW Somalia have realized that the anti-Somali tyranny established by the Abyssinian puppet Riyale has no legitimacy at all after May 15, day when a newly elected president would have been invested in Hargeysa, if the presidential elections had not been cancelled.

Even Nationalists in Somaliland turned against Riyale!

That´s why the decomposition and the final collapse of the treacherous Somaliland regime is going to be the next major development in Somalia. Northern Somalis use already very marked terms to describe the situation and call for an End of the Evil rule in Northwestern Somalia.

A few days ago, the authoritative portal Somaliland published an article written by a Northern Somali activist, Mr. Farah Ali Jama, that consists in severe criticism and rejection of the Riyale gang. I will publish it integrally here as it sheds light on the fact that all the Somalis of Somaliland reject the high traitor Riyale´s servility and submissiveness to Somalia´s historical enemy, Abyssinia, and the Neo-Nazi dictator Meles Zenawi.

The fact that Mr. Farah Ali Jama, who lives in Ottawa, has been accused by forum members as a "die-hard Somaliland nationalist" (http://www.somaliaonline.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=002728;p=0) and has published repeatedly controversial texts against almost any other Somali (http://www.somalilandtalk.com/node/1296) only increases the importance of his rejection of the Riyale gang.

Portal Somaliland.Org

Due to the demands of various readers from Africa and other parts of the world, who are not well versed in the history and the politics of the Horn of Africa region, I will present the portal Somaliland first. As a matter of fact, I believe that it would be better to publish their profile taken from the About Us section of the portal (http://www.somaliland.org/about/).

"Somaliland.Org is an independent website covering news and other matters of interest to Somali speaking community, although we also publish articles written in English. Please note that Somaliland.Org is not the official website of the Somaliland government which can be reached at www.SomalilandGov.com.The site was created with help of group Somaliland citizens who felt that there is a need to bring a broad and non-biased information about Somaliland to Somalilanders and non-Somalis alike in the hope that the people interested to learn more about Somaliland will get a true picture about this country. Somaliland does not only deserve recognition from the world community, its people have proven time and again that they can rebuild their destroyed country from zero, survive as sovereign nation complete with functioning governmental institutions and lay the foundations of democracy without international help. This website does not represent the government of Somaliland, nor is it affiliated with any particular party or association. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that we will work with the all the people who share our vision to maintain Somaliland´s freedom and eventual recognition by the world community".

15 May 2008 Deadline: The Showdown Between the Good and the Evil in Somaliland

By Farah Ali Jama


On the onset, let me clearly state here that my primary teacher, used to angrily warn us whenever we make trouble that, "Don´t trouble trouble before trouble troubles you" and then, he would use that phrase as an excuse to punish us since we made trouble before there was any trouble in the class. Similarly, I hereby warn the unqualified and arrogant president Riyaale, his inept and corrupt administration, the blind UDUB party, and his unpatriotic and Mafioso henchmen that there is no trouble or breach of peace or breakage of law and order or political turmoil and chaos or civil war or general insecurity and instability whatsoever in Somaliland, other than, the ones he had been unabatedly fomenting in the country since he came to power in 2003 by way of massive vote rigging.

Therefore, he must desist and refrain immediately from his unscrupulous dictatorial practices, sabotage of democracy, multi-party and free economy systems, general misrule or inept or unjust or unwise rule, retardation of political, economical and social progress; tarnishing the international image and standing of the country thereby undermining the efforts towards the achievement of international recognition of Somaliland, colossal mismanagement of all segments of the public and state affairs, endemic corruption, misappropriation and embezzlement of public funds, injustice, gross violation of human rights, poisonous tribalism, hateful divisive policies, sheer envy, and barbarous animosity that he has all along been busy brewing in Somaliland in a manner to callously undermine the just cause and existence of Somaliland. And for heavens sake, do not trouble trouble before trouble troubles you, otherwise, it will be to your detriment and that of your lackeys and kin and kith. Mark you, we are not bluffing. And we truly mean it.

To return to the topic, the current dangerous stand off in Somaliland is between the good—those nationalistic Somalilanders who stood up to evil and sacrificed their time, wealth, properties, sons, and daughters and bravely shed their precious sweat, tears, and blood to liberate our people and the country in a bitter and long armed struggle and the evil—those unpatriotic Somalilanders who previously served the enemy loyally and fought alongside the tyrannical military regime of Savage Siyad Bare and his various heavily armed tribal militias like president Riyaale and some of his key Cabinet Ministers such as the Minister of Interior, Minister of Finance, Minister of Transport and Aviation, Minister of Housing and Public Works, and all the other NSS Gestapo, Dhabar Jebinta Isaaq, Hangash, and Faqash who have currently infested his administration who during the period, 1980-1990 waged a scorch earth policy and a take no prisoner fascistic and genocidal war against our people specifically the Isaaq Clan in an attempt to wipe them from the phase of the planet and who barbarously annihilated hundreds of thousands of our people piled them, while still tied together in secretive mass graves particularly the innocent women, children, and the frail elderly and who also wounded tens of thousands of others and who internally displaced hundreds of thousands of our citizenry and forced them an exodus of more than a million others into exile in Ethiopia and who entirely looted our centuries old and hard worn properties and who finally, bombarded our major cities to rubble.

On the other hand, we are aware off and well versed with the kind of poisonous tribalism, hatemongering, divisiveness, provocations, and the long standing onslaught on the unity and harmonious coexistence of the citizenry, and the conspiracies, sabotages, and indifferent policies and actions of this rogue president to undermine the Isaaq Clan, which is the dominant ethnic group in the country as well as his unending evil practices and activities to undermine our hard won independence, democracy, freedoms and liberties, peace and security, stability and territorial integrity, and in general the just cause and the existence of Somaliland.

Example No 1: UDUB Party

We know that UDUB party is seriously fragmented, disunited, and can no longer be considered as a viable party worthy of a national political party that it once used to be during the reign of it´s late founder, Hon. M.I. Egal, the previous president of Somaliland. Sadly, this party has been hijacked and broken up into four segments, which are commonly known as the Egal UDUB (the original party), the Riyaale UDUB (the new and derailed one-man show party), the Gaboose UDUB (the now alienated old SAHAN party affiliates), and the Suleyman Gaal UDUB (the now alienated old ASAD party affiliates)!

We know that UDUB party has been generally undermined and derailed from its original cause, vision, purpose, and its original patriotic members have long been purged. And that it´s ranks have now been filled with secretive and unpatriotic members particularly at the levels of the Middle and Central Committees of the party. And it is widely believed that those who now fill these committees are mainly members who hail from the Gudabiirsi, Harti, and Issa as well as some of Isaaq lackeys since most of the nationalistic and patriotic members have abandoned the party and either joined Kulmiye party or UCID party—that is why the president who is also the Chairman of the current UDUB party is deliberately and illegally stalling or blocking the party to convene its legitimate party convention as required by law for more than two years to the present i.e. he is afraid that if he does so there will be a huge scandal in relation to the secretive tribal members whom no one knows when and how and under what criteria they happen to be members of this national party.

We know that since the original UDUB party and its other affiliates have been great undermined or have no say or have even been long wiped out and that the new and derailed one-man show UDUB party of president Riyaale and his henchmen or secretive members at both levels of the party´s committees have paved the way for them to completely hijack UDUB party and to turn it into the old USP party—a tribal party of the Gudabiirsi, Dhulbahante, and Issa Clans alliances of the late 50s and 60s who were mainly responsible for their adamant position and campaign for the ill-conceived Somaliland-Somalia Unity resulting to the loss of our previous independence and sovereignty in 1960. Is it deja vu all over again?

Example No 2: Special UN Envoy

According to the recent visit to Somaliland by Mr. Ahmed Ould Abdalla, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Somalia, it is widely believed that the conspiracy to undermine the democratic process and the upcoming presidential and local government elections was formulated at the Presidential Palace at Hargeisa following the secretive meeting between the president and the Special UN Envoy.

The evil plan agreed upon by these two conspirators was

a) Mr. Ahmed Ould Abdalla to depict the overall peace, security, stability, and progress of Somaliland in bad faith and to include it in his report to the UN Secretary General and then,

b) The UN Secretary General will, in turn, include the unethical, false, unsubstantiated, and unfounded allegation in his report to the UN Security Council, which he did so by shamefully stating that the Somaliland´s peace, security and stability is fragile and no different from that of Somalia, and then,

c) For president Riyaale and his corrupt administration to fend off any attempt from other Somaliland politician and leaders to condemn the biased and ridiculous attempt by Mr. Ahmed Ould Abdalla to tarnish the international image and standing of Somaliland by comparing it with the anarchic and failed Somalia that only exists on paper—Remember, how adamantly and vigorously Haji Abdi Waraabe opposed and killed the motion brought before the Guurti House by the 13 nationalistic and patriotic members to condemn Mr. Ahmed Ould Abdalla, the UN Special Representative for Somalia for depicting the solid peace, security and stability of State of Somaliland as being fragile and as insecure and instable as Somalia

d) For president Riyaale to begin fomenting breaching the overall peace, security, and stability of the country in order to covertly support the reports submitted by both the UN Special Representative for Somalia and the UN Secretary General and then,

e) For president Riyaale´s henchmen or NSS Gestapo to begin a series of bomb blasts in Hargeisa city and elsewhere in the country starting, with the house of Mr. Buni, the so-called Minister for Parliamentary Affairs in which a hand grenade was harmlessly lobbed at the backyard wall of his house, whereby the rogue UDUB cohorts quickly deemed it as a "breaking news" and broadcasted it on the national and foreign media, which were also published by most of Somaliland websites and, which after a few days were followed by some other hand grenade blast in some other place in the city, and finally, detonated a small bomb planted in one of the offices of the Guurti House (House of Elders/Senate) that was considered as "the straw that broke the camel´s back" and then,

f) the Guurti House hastily passed a motion to increase president Riyaale´s tenure in office for another one year, a measure that is contrary to the constitution and the laws of the land in order

1) To covertly support and substantiate the erroneous, bias, and damaging reports of the UN

2) To brazenly postpone the national election for the third time, and

3) To undermine the amicable agreement between the three national parties and the National Election Commission in relation to the timetable of the upcoming presidential and local government elections. Does that ring a bell?

Example No 3: The Hasty Announcement for Creating Six (6) New Regions

We know that this saboteur, divisive and treacherous act by president Riyaale for creating six (6) new regions such as Selel, Gabiley, Oodweyne, Saraar, Buhoodle, and Badhan regions thereby doubling the number of regions in this small and poor country to twelve (12), which it can hardly afford was intended to further divide the people of Somaliland into tribal and regional fiefdoms in order to employ a divide and rule policy on them and to further destroy their unity and amicable coexistence and fabric of the society so as to undermine the overall peace, security and stability, and territorial integrity of Somaliland as well as to entirely, undermine the cause and existence of Somaliland in the long run.

We know that with the exception of Gabiley and Badhan regions, the rest are not viable territorially, politically, economically, and socially and are not worthy to promoted to regional status.

We know that president Riyaale´s intentions, all along, was to create the regions of Selel, Buhoodle, and Badhan in order to bring the number of regions by the old USP alliance to five (5) i.e. Awdal, Sool, Selel, Buhoodle, and Badhan under the guise of equality and in creating Gabiley, Odweyne, and Saraar regions thereby bring the total for the pro-SNM communities to seven regions (7) regions.

We know that with old USP alliance now have a total of five (5) regions and the pro-SNM communities have seven (7) regions and the difference between the two groups is currently only two (2) regions. And that president Riyaale and his henchmen are counting on to close the gap in the future by recruiting some unpatriotic and corrupt parliamentary members from both Houses of Parliament (House Representative and the Guurti) who are pro-federalist or pro-unity with Somalia or Somaliweyn lackeys who may allow him to pass, for instance, a motion that either Somaliland to stand alone as it is or to unite once again with Somalia due to the circumstance or predicaments that may prevail in that planned period. And if this happens there is the likelihood that the pro-federalist or Somaliweyn side may win the vote or if it ends up a tie, a referendum might be launched to resolve the issue. Do you see the short term and long term threats and endangerment to the hard won independence, the cause and existence of Somaliland brought unto you by this arrogant and unqualified president?

Example No 4: The Deployment of Tribal Militias Under the Guise of Somaliland Armed Forces

We know that most of the 2000 militias under the uniform and in disguise of the Somaliland Armed Forces, which were transferred from Borame or Awdal region and deployed in Hargeisa, the capital of the country as well as an Isaaq city were secretly recruited, trained, and armed in order to serve as a special Gudabiirsi tribal militia, which president Riyaale hails from.

We know that most of these tribal militias are not citizens of Somaliland and that they are believed to be Somali-Ethiopians of Gudabiirsi origin from Zone 5 of the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. And that is a clear treachery and colossal treason against the public and State of Somaliland that must be brought to justice.

We know that most of these tribal militias previously belonged to the SDA and Horyaal guerillas—an anti-Isaaq, anti-SNM, anti-Somaliland war criminals who have previously long been defeated during the long and bitter struggle to liberate the people and Somaliland. And non of them have been prosecuted for the war crimes and crimes against humanity against the innocent women, children, and the frail elderly particularly in Gabiley, Arabsiyo, Kalabaydh, and adjacent areas Isn´t it amazing that these war criminals have resurfaced again and are still at their old evil deeds of gory and blood?

We know that these tribal militias were given the orders by the president and their commanders to breach our solid peace, foment insecurity and instability in the capital, crush public demonstrations, and to arrest and humiliate some marked key national leaders particularly the Kulmiye party officials and the veteran SNM Mujahideens. For example, to besiege the capital city and its residents and impose and mane an unannounced and illegal curfew from dusk to dawn utterly unacceptable. And a common and laughable new phrase by these Gudabiirsi militias that has been added in the vocabulary and dictionary of the proud and noble Somalilanders is their constant use of the phrase, "Huno Seex Seexda" meaning "darling go to sleep in a hash manner" with their guns cocked and trigger happy to kill innocent civilians!! And to show that they meant business, they opened a hail of bullets on a civilian car carrying some passengers from a wedding ceremony thereby killing instantly in cold blood a teenage Isaaq girl. By the name Hani, may God rest her soul in peace, Amiin. Apparently, the cold blooded militia gun-men have not been arrested to-date, while the driver of the car who narrowly escaped death was immediately arrested and currently languishing in a jail for no reason. Sounds familiar?

We know that most of the frontline troops in Adhi Adeeye, Laas Anood, Abesaley, and the adjacent areas who were manning the far east frontiers from the enemy most of whom were from the Dhulbahante tribe were quickly order to vacate their defensive position and redeployed in Burao City, the second capital of Somaliland. And we also know that the reasons behind the initial recruitment or integration of these Dhulbante militias most of whom were previously Puntland´s tribal militias.

We now, know that with thousands of Gudabiirsi militias deployed in Hargeisa City, the capital and the most populous city of Somaliland and hundreds of Dhulbahante militias deployed in Burao City, the second capital and the second most populous city in the country, is evidence of sealing the secret oath and resuscitation of the old USP political and tribal alliances in Somaliland. Get the point?

We know that the five-year constitutional tenure of president Riyaale is on 15 May 2008.

We know that the one (1) year increase of the president´s tenure in office by the un elected and rogue Guurti House is uncalled for or unwarranted, illegal, and contrary to the Constitution and the laws of the land.

We know that all the six (6) region, Districts, Cities, Townships, and villages including rural areas as well as our independent and proud pastoral societies are all safe and sound since the people and the country are generally at peace with themselves. Therefore, the reason of the Guurti House to increase the tenure of the president by one more year is false and non-existent, other than, to recklessly interfere with democratic process, election process, hijacking the authority and duties of National Election Commission (NEC), killing the amicable agreement of the election stakeholders such as the three national political parties and the NEC, illegal imposition of a new timetable election, ramming through every illegal legal procedure when there isn´t, at all, any insecurity or instability in Somaliland. And their policies, practices, and actions on this regard is clearly unwarranted and tantamount to high crimes and treason against the public and the State of Somaliland.

We know that president Riyaale and his henchmen have made a habit of unabatedly disrespecting and trampling on the Constitution and laws of the land.

We know that president Riyaale has in the past and in the present ignored the outcry or calls by the majority of citizenry within the country and in the Diasporas to respect and adhere to the constitution and the laws of the land, and to desist from his unending of fabrication of constitutional crisis that has poisoned the political discourse of this country in the public and national interest. But to no avail.

We know that president Riyaale has openly stated that he will not vacate the presidency even after his tenure in office ends on 15 May 2008 meaning that he occupy the office illegally, continue to abuse power, and misrule by force!!

We know that with the deployment of the tribal militias in disguise of Somaliland Armed Forces in the major cities of Somaliland such as Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, etc. is evidence that he is asking for a fight or bloodshed—one that is reminiscent of the injustice, gross violation of human rights, civil war, barbarism, massacres, mass graves, displacement of civilians particularly women, children, and the frail elderly, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, and genocidal war of the tyrannical military regime of Savage Siyad Bare, which he served locally to the very bitter end.

We finally, know that he foolishly considers himself as the defeated and deposed Dictator Siyad Bare and his inept administration as the deposed tyrannical military regime and UDUB party as the XHKP party of Somalia and further considers Kulmiye party as the SNM and its leaders as the Mahbar or Qurmis guerillas. That is the kind of mentally this rogue president harbours and the root cause for his abuse of power and constant provocations, which must be stopped by all necessary means before it is too late.

As a result of these high crimes most of which are tantamount to treachery and treason against the people and State of Somaliland. And the citizenry within the country and in the Diasporas including foreigners have had enough of it and loudly and clearly, on numerous occasions, to this blind, deaf, dumb, and rogue president Riyaale and his henchmen that they have run out of all option to continue tolerating him as president of the Republic of Somaliland on 15 May 2008, and that he must go—come hell come high water in order to maintain peace, security, and the stability of the country as well as to continue on the democratic process and, most importantly, to save the overall cause and existence of Somaliland. Isn´t that fair enough?

Furthermore, the people of Somaliland can no longer put up with the kind of misrule of this unqualified and arrogant president Riyaale, his inept and corrupt administration, the unpatriotic UDUB party, and his mainly NSS Gestapo, Dhabar Jebinta Isaaq, Hangash, Tribal Militias, and Faqash that has infested the government and key national institutions of Somaliland. Consequently, the people of Somaliland detest greatly and can no longer put up with president Riyaale´s empty arrogance, hollow rhetoric, tribal brouhaha, and the constant fabrication of one constitutional crisis after the other—he is indeed an unscrupulous president or unprincipled rogue without moral principles or ethical standards in his conduct and actions.

Worse still, he posses no scrupulous and conscience or regards or contempt for laws of right or justice with which he is perfectly well acquainted and which should have restrained his widely detested and damaging policies and actions. Moreover, the people of Somaliland from within and in the Diasporas widely detest and despise president Riyaale´s and his henchmen´s unscrupulous methods of endemic corruption, embezzling public funds, and taking advantage of the unfortunate citizenry particularly the poor, women, children, and the frail elderly of this poor and unrecognized country.

Therefore, the people of Somaliland within the country and the Diasporas are strongly and loudly demanding that president Riyaale to be pushed aside by any means necessary at the end of his tenure in office on 15 May 2008. And there should not be any dithering or back off their strong position that is widely supported by the general public since it is already in the public domain that come hell or high water, the opposition parties will no longer recognize president Riyaale as the legitimate president of the Republic of Somaliland when his tenure officially ends on 15 May 2008. And failure to comply with it or maintain it or implement this legitimate position is equally tantamount to treachery and treason on the part of the political parties and politicians on both camps, the House of Representatives, the Guurti House, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court of Somaliland. The only compromise that may be acceptable to the people of Somaliland, wherever they may reside is the creation of an Interim Coalition Government that will fill the vacuum, which will, in return, return the country back to its previously derailed democratic process and to prepare them to hold the now sabotaged presidential and local government election.


Overall, the people of Somaliland are not moved one bit by president Riyaale´s attempt to undermine and hijack UDUB party in his bid to resuscitate the long dead tribal alliances and the USP of the late 50s and 60s. And UDUB party must rejuvenate itself and take its rightful position in the country´s affairs. Moreover, it is clear that president Riyaale is in cahoots with the UN Special Representative for Somalia and other foreigners such as the TFG of Somalia in their bid to foment political turmoil and chaos, to trigger a civil war, to undermine the democratic process, to sabotage the upcoming presidential and local government elections, to tarnish the international image and standing of the peaceful and democratic Somaliland, and to undercut the efforts towards the international recognition of Somaliland—an action that is indeed tantamount to treachery, high crimes, and treason that must be brought to justice without any delay and the culprits be prosecuted and punished accordingly.

Furthermore, his saboteur and divide and rule policies and actions in hastily announcing six (6) new regions without public consultation or carrying a research or feasibility study as to whether they are necessary, viable, and worthy of promotion to regional status, which is unprecedented anywhere in the world will not stand. Above all, his tribal militias from Awdal and Sool, which have been provocatively deployed mainly in Hargeisa and Burao cities, the two largest and most populous cities in the country will neither scare the residents of these cities nor subjugate them into accepting dictatorship and tyranny in their land or put a single dent on the dominant clan of this country.

And they are proud and confident to state here that they have in past prevailed against all odds and been victorious against gigantic Hurricanes and hordes of barbarous tribal militias as well as tyrannical and fascistic military regimes who employed a scorch earth policy and inhumane genocidal wars that by far dwarfs the kind of the little dust cyclone he is attempting to brew in Hargeisa and Burao cities.

Therefore, they will certainly prevail and be victorious against their avowed enemies—and enemies of Mankind, as always. And that his petty and inexperience rag-tag tribal militias and their cohorts from his home region and elsewhere, will be wiped out if they attempt to harass and begin to brutalize the innocent civilians. That is for sure!

On the other hand, we know that president Riyaale have been lied to into believing that his closest and reckless Cabinet Ministers and key UDUB party leaders such as Cawil, Sulub, Ciro, Waran Cade, Ahmed Haji Dahir, Buni, Dhola Yare, Ina Saleeban Weyne, Haji Abdi Waraabe, Habane (the Secretary of the Guurti), Sheikh Fure, Bulale, and others will, incase of trouble, quickly and decisively mount a formidable tribal militias from their respective tribes in his aid, not knowing that these loud-mouthed demagogues and provocative senior officials are alone in this evil brew of hate and conflicts and already fighting a losing battle in their attempts to blindly support dictatorship and the re-incarnation of their previous Faqash era.

Consequently, the unqualified and arrogant president Riyaale has also been lied to and been misled to believe that Atto Meles Zinawi will come to his aid when the jinni goes out of the bottle and that he will send Battalions or Divisions of Ethiopian military personnel and tons of all sorts of heavy weaponry across the silent and peaceful Somaliland-Ethiopian border to subjugate and defeat the people and the State of Somaliland. But neither Atto Meles Zinawi nor the Ethiopian Military are that foolish to open another war front in their eastern border particularly a dangerous and formidable front that is much closer to Jigjiga, Dire Dawa, Addis Ababa, and Makale City. The Ethiopian military are already in a quagmire in Somalia and their priority, at the moment, is either to prevail over their opponents or to find ways and means to extricate themselves from the mess they have created, in the first place, in a manner that will not backfire on them or follow them to Addis Ababa.

After all, Atto Meles Zinawi and Ethiopia are not that foolish to discard unnecessarily the existing security and trade agreement in place, that is, in their public and national interest. And the friendly and peaceful peoples of Somaliland and Ethiopia can never be done with, for the sake of propping up Riyaale and his henchmen who have long lost the public confidence who hails from a minority ethnic group that has no political, economic, social, and military clout in Somaliland or elsewhere in the Horn of Africa region. In addition, there is a serious political and military conflict that is cropping up between Eritrea and Djibouti and for that matter none of them is in a position fend more hostilities elsewhere since the giant Ethiopia is also as patient as a vulture and ready to devour both them, given the opportunity. And the TFG of Somalia and War Criminal Abdullahi Yusuf are both in tatters to a point of disintegration. Most importantly, the Armed Forces of Somaliland will not turn to harm their own brethren. So who will fight and dies for rogue president Riyaale and is he arrogant for no reason?


The UDUB party must prepare immediately hold its party convention without any further delay as required by law in order to flush out the fake and illegal Middle and Central Committees members and to save the party, multi-party system, and the democratization process of the country.

Both the Houses of Parliament (the House of Representative and the Guurti) must jointly condemn Mr. Ahmedou Ould Abdalla for his unethical practices, misrepresenting the facts on the ground and for twisting the reality in a damaging manner in regards to Somaliland, and for his false and biased report for depicting the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland as fragile, insecure and instable in order not scare foreign donors, foreign humanitarian NGO´s, and foreign investors. Better be late than never.

The Guurti must immediately reverse its unjust, illegal, and unwarranted one year increment of president Riyaale´s five-year tenure in office, which is due to expire on 15 May 2008.

The unnecessary military siege and unannounced and illegal covert curfews currently imposed on the major cities of Somaliland such as Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera, and others must be lifted immediately.

The rag-tag tribal militias from Awdal and Sool regions who are imposed on other ethnic groups and cities must be returned to their camps, integrated fairly to the national troops from other regions or entirely disbanded immediately in order to avoid in the present and in the future the recurrence of tribal conflicts and civil wars on the basis of ethnicity or regionalism.

The citizenry, government, parliament, the three political parties, other key national institutions, civil society organizations, Traditional Elders, and Religious leaders must convene an immediate Grand National Conference in order to quickly fill the vacuum following the president´s departure from office on 15 May 2008 and appoint an inclusive Interim Coalition Government that will prepare the people and the country into holding a fresh presidential and local government elections.

The new regions announced recently must either be reversed with the exception of Gabiley and Badhan regions due to their viability and unworthy or undeservedly promotion to a regional status or that the entire six new region be reversed and maintain the existing six regions or even the old six regions be reversed and be replaced by the old three regions i.e. Sanaag, Togdheer, and North-West (Maroodi Jeex) regions in order to stem tribalism and maintain the multi ethnicity and the multicultural components of the fabric of the society in Somaliland, and

If these six new regions cannot be reversed then, the Bali Gubadle and El Afweyn districts must be promoted to regional status in order to check on the threat of the new USP alliance rising behind the scenes so as to save the independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty, and the cause and existence of Somaliland.

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
Orientalist, Historian, Political Scientist, Dr. Megalommatis, 51, is the author of 12 books, dozens of scholarly articles, hundreds of encyclopedia entries, and thousands of articles. He speaks, reads and writes more than 15, modern and ancient, languages. He refuted Greek nationalism, supported Martin Bernal´s Black Athena, and rejected the Greco-Romano-centric version of History. He pleaded for the European History by J. B. Duroselle, and defended the rights of the Turkish, Pomak, Macedonian, Vlachian, Arvanitic, Latin Catholic, and Jewish minorities of Greece. Born Christian Orthodox, he adhered to Islam when 36, devoted to ideas of Muhyieldin Ibn al Arabi. E-mail: msvmeg@gmail.com Website: http://www.americanchronicle.com/