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Reconciliation Strategy of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia

By H.E. Dr. Mohamed Mohamoud Handule
Friday, March 21, 2008

The Transitional Federal Government is guided by the principle that reconciliation is the basis for resolving the Somali political conflict, realization of lasting peace and maintenance of functioning governance institutions in Somalia. Furthermore, the TFG believes that all Somalis have a role to contribute to making the reconciliation process successful, and that each individual should take into account their responsibilities as well as rights to the Somali nation.

In accordance with the Transitional Federal Charter of the TFG, and implementing the outcome of the Reconciliation Conference of Somali Clans held in Mogadishu in 2007, the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia is presenting its strategy for all-inclusive reconciliation process and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Approach /method for the Reconciliation process

The TFG’s approach to the Somali reconciliation has two (2) components, which support each other to create comprehensive, lasting resolution to the prolonged Somali conflict, namely:

  1.  Community Engagement/local level peace building
  2. Reconciliation between the government and the opposition.
    Community Engagement/Local Level peacebuilding:-

The purpose of this component of the reconciliation is to bring an end to all active hostilities and tensions that exist in some of the regions, to resolve internal conflicts at the community level, and to facilitate all inclusive process for the establishment of local administrations at the District and Regional levels.

Implementation of this part of the reconciliation programme is spearheaded by TFG, in collaboration with the various stakeholders of local communities, notably; traditional elders, religious groups, business community, civil societies, women and local politicians.

The Community Engagement/Local Level reconciliation process can be further classified into two sections which are inter-linked:

a)   Peace Promotion – Creation of stable environment

The objective of this section is to end or palliate existing conflicts and violence in some specific communities or regions, so as to promote an environment conducive for dialogue/discussions. The key to the success of this phase of the reconciliation is for the TFG to empower targeted community take ownership of their local peace promotion and to take active role in the community mobilization and awareness raising efforts, cessation of hostilities, creating stability and maintaining peace.

The TFG will undertake this peace promotion initiative in communities where there is active conflict ‘trouble spots’ and areas where there is the potential for resurgence of communal conflict.

b)    Peace building  and participatory local administrations


The 2nd phase of this reconciliation strategy is aimed to address the underlying factors that are contributing to the conflict and the inter-clan as well as intra-clan mistrust at the local communities. The goal of this intervention is to restore the shattered relations between local community stakeholders and to revive inter-community co-operation and partnerships.


The goal of this phase of the community engagement is to build enough consensuses in the community to fully participate in the process of setting-up their local administrations at the district and regional levels.


The TFG has already initiated a reconciliation process and facilitated local administrations in some of the communities, and is planning to extend this peacebuilding process in all the remaining regions of the country.




The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia believes that the development of effective, representative administrations, restoring public services, enforcing the security and justice institutions, and stimulating the local economy are central to realizing meaningful reconciliation and maintaining peace and stability in the local communities.   

I.      Political Dialogue between the opposition and the government

  1. The Transitional Federal Government of Somalia is prepared to open dialogue and reconcile with the Somali opposition groups.
  1. The TFG-is prepared to accept for the venue of the discussions, any place where the government and the opposition both agree.
  1. The Transitional Federal Government  proposes that one track is utilized for the dialogue, in order to achieve the political reconciliation, and suggests the appropriate route to be through a facilitation team made of the most committed members of the international community under the leadership of the UN-Special Representative of the Secretary General for Somalia
  1. The TFG-proposes the facilitation team from the international community to present the modalities and the timeframe for the discussions between the government and the opposition.
  1. The TFG encourages the international community to assist the government, opposition and the international community facilitation team to make the political discussions and the reconciliations process successful. The TFG appeals to the most committed members of the international community and the UN- SRSG in particular to provide as urgently as possible financial support accordingly.
  1. The TFG-will nominate a team to lead the discussions with the opposition groups and make recommendations for the government.
H.E. Dr. Mohamed Mohamoud Handule
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