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ONLF and its supporters confronted by reality - A Respond

by Hassan Maallin
Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The recent article written by Abdishakur Garad and published by Hiiraan Online and kilil5.com  online was absurd, laughable and indeed contains fabricated and misleading information.


The Author started by saying that “truth is beauty and beauty is truth” but he was too far away from beauty and truth! What a contradiction? To begin in respond his false claims and untrue accusations, the current struggle led by the Onlf is for all Somalis and by the most Somalis in the Ogaden region. In my opinion, it is not right to suggest that Ogaaden clan alone is capable of liberating this huge of country of ours but at the same time any claims that excludes non Ogaden clans from the ONLF are untrue and misleading.  


In fact, many non Ogaaden clans are directly or indirectly supporting the ONLF. If you are not in for obvious reasons, someone else is in perhaps from your own clan members. I would say that people like this writer Abdishakur Garad are very minority visionless, stressed out and they go to wherever their tribal mindset leads them. Or they are well paid TPLF workers and in order to achieving their goals they have to use clan versus clan, divide and rule, the colonial tactics because they have no free thinking of their own.


The author states this: “the victims massacred at the hands of the ONLF are taboo to speak about”, this is false untrue and fabricated story. He continues to write “while the massacres of the Somalis at the hands of Ethiopian security forces are remembered and even exaggerated”. Onlf does not exaggerate TPLF crimes but of course it is true they remember victims of TPLF. But this second assertion sheds a light the true color of the writer and that is, he does not want to be remember the victims of his employer the TPLF. He is in fact exaggerating the mistakes by the ONLF while condoning the brutality

And the crimes committed by TPLF what a shame!      


People need to really assess themselves and in their own heart, are you really for sure free from tribal feeling?  If so why don’t you take the name Ogaden as a geographical term as the whole knows it, when the international community such as international media, governments, UN and NGOs refer this country as Ogaden region of Ethiopia, do they mean Ogaaden Clan? Or they simply mean a land, a territory in Ethiopia inhabited by ethnic Somalis? Having said that, if someone for some reason does not satisfy, there should be civilized way of discussion and without offending and insulting anyone your voice can be heard loud and clear to get your point across.


ONLF is a freedom fighting forces committed to liberating the entire Somali territory colonizes by Ethiopia known as Ogaden. And in the process, they only engage confrontations against Ethiopian military personal. However, the most Somalis who died in the conflict were Ethiopian solders and any civilian casualties are regrettable but died in crossfire.


 We as humans all make mistakes and all the problems on earth today are the products of our mistakes. So, if the ONLF makes mistakes, they just another humans. Nevertheless, your claims of that ONLF committed massacres against its civilian population are ridiculously untrue fabricated and pure lies. It was never nor will it ever be the intension of the ONLF to harm its civilian population.


Furthermore, the author claims to have pass through and the key to liberate his country, so if he has all that why doesn’t he use them. I guess he does not want because he prefers that his employer to oppress the rest of us forever.


He continues arguing for a new organization and dissolve the ONLF, he is suggesting to destroying an existing liberation front in order create another one; this does not make any sense! Why doesn’t he form his own organization which compete the ONLF and the two groups with common enemy could help each other and may one day unite for the good of their cause. Or perhaps his organization becomes more popular than ONLF and that way achieves his goals of dissolving the ONLF faster. Here is where the visionless comes, he claims to have the support of the majority non Ogaaden Somali clans and yet can not take any action to liberating his country! His only action is to sit and talk about nonsense while our women are rapped as we speak. Our villages are burnt and as he put it, the whole country look like a big refugee comp. Eve refugee camp is a paradise for our people compare to the mistreatment they receive in their homeland.


And finally, I found unacceptable and very insulting for the author to call ONLF and its supporters “less intelligent Diaspora masses” He is just another idiotic selfish opportunistic DABAQODHI motivated by money. In addition to that, I reject his suggestion that ONLF and Ogaden clan as a “directionless, paper based organization, and are following the name Ogadenia without any further vision”.  The author could argue his points of that changing the organization in to more inclusive one for all Somalis in a healthy matter but chose otherwise, the clannish and insulting fashion. 

In conclusion, ONLF will not be reinvented nor it will disappear as you and your other wayane lovers friends wish. The front will run its course and no matter what you anyone else would like or your employer telling you, our army struggle will continue till the TPLF agrees to the demand our people to choose their destiny. ONLF would welcome with an open arm any true liberation movement from the region but will never change its objectives and goals for the view of few individuals living abroad and waging a cyber war against their own kin

Hassan Maallin

E-mail: [email protected]