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Two Strange Friends


by Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed

The war in Somalia has changed the sound cultural ethics of the Somali people tremendously negatively. People used to be kind enough and respect each other in ways that are in line with their culture and religion. But these days the case is quite different. You see two persons who, from the outset, look like good friends but plotting each other in a more treacherous way.

You mainly find this kind of people in our Somali politics where intrigue and deception are a common place. They hug each other in conference halls but immediately start bickering and back-biting to demean and undermine each other.

You can find such a behavior in the groups of same clique and alliances. This has degenerated even in the social framework of the Somali people in both inside and outside the country. If one group declares as the legitimate organization that can speak on behalf of the Somali community another group emerges out from nowhere who opposes the existence of that organization thus bringing confusion to the donor or partner or person who might have helped the Somalis in that particular area. I am really fed up with my people, if at all I have people.

Please share this poem with me

Two strange friends
Spying on each other
Burying each other
Exposing each other

Laughing together
concealing grudges
Hiding behind smiles
Holding invisible swords

When one pushes it this way
The other pulls it that way
One waits when the other perishes
But both have lost their reputation

They killed each other
They are two dead people
Working together like people
Who never died before

Abdi-Noor Mohamed 
e-mail: [email protected]

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