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Video captures gunfire, victim flees near University of Minnesota

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Minneapolis (HOL)  — A recently surfaced video captures a violent shooting incident in Dinkytown, near the University of Minnesota campus, that occurred shortly after midnight on Monday, May 6. The video, which seems to have been recorded by one of the assailants, shows a young man retreating as he is taunted and threatened by a group of teens, moments before gunfire erupts.

In the footage, 
the sound of approximately a dozen shots can be heard as the victim flees into a nearby house and the suspects run from the scene. This incident is part of a worrying increase in violent crimes in the Dinkytown area, which includes several recent robberies.

The Minneapolis Police Department has yet to identify or arrest any suspects related to the assault and shooting.

The video obtained by Crime Watch Minneapolis captures the victim backing away while being verbally harassed and shows a brief image of a gun being pointed at him. According to police scanner audio from the time of the incident, the suspects are described as Somali males, aged between 17 and 20.

Further details provided by KARE11 reveal that the 21-year-old victim was attacked by the group after leaving work with a slice of pizza. The assailants insulted him, interfered with his meal, and physically assaulted him, leading to a dislocated shoulder. The victim attempted to defend himself with a tire iron from his vehicle, prompting the attackers to draw firearms and shoot.

The area was described by locals and bystanders as chaotic on the night of the incident, with multiple vehicles converging and numerous masked individuals contributing to a scene likened to an "absolute zoo."


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