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SSC-Khatumo leader reshuffles cabinet and appoints new ministers

Monday May 13, 2024

Las Anod (HOL) - The leader of SSC-Khatumo, Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali Firdhiye, reshuffled his cabinet and appointed new cabinet members on Sunday night, according to a decree from his office. 

Former Somali Police Force chief General Abdi Hassan Hajaar and other senior politicians appeared on the list. 

President Firdhiye, who has a two-year term, has been in office for almost a year, and his administration is still undergoing reconstruction.

The new ministers are as follows:

1. Abdiqani Hussein Haji Hirad - Minister of Finance

2. Dr. Yusuf Sulaiman Sanad - Minister of Health

3. Najib Barkhadle Warsame - Minister of Information, Communications, and Technology

4. Ibrahim Jama Reygal - Minister of Security

5. Dr. Ahmed Hashi Mohamed - Minister of Environment and Climate Change

6. Dr. Jama Mohamed Mursal - Minister of Youth, Sports, Labor, and Employment

7. General Abdi Hassan Mohamed (Hajar) - Minister of Justice, Religious Affairs, and the Constitution

8. Hil Ali Warsame Osman - Minister of Water and Energy

9. Ahmed Abdirisaaq Diriye - Minister of Planning, Development, and International Cooperation

10. Dahir Abdirisaaq Ahmed - Minister of Trade, Industry, and Investment

11. Abdirisaq Yusuf Mohamed Hindi - Minister of Relief and Disaster Management

12. Suhoor Faisal Barre - Minister of Women and Human Rights

13. Dr. Adan Abdullahi Aw-Hasan - Minister of Animal Husbandry


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