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South West forces capture Al-Shabaab official in Bay region operation

Saturday May 11, 2024

Baidoa (HOL) — South West State security forces successfully captured an Al-Shabaab official, Adan Mohamed Ali Dhayoow, in Kunyabarow, within the Burhakaba district of the Bay region. Dressed in a Federal Government Army uniform, Dhayoow was found with a weapon and was handed over to local security forces.

The operation is part of a broader crackdown on Al-Shabaab militants in the area. Recently, security forces presented 12 members of the group who 
were captured during military operations in and around Baidoa, the temporary capital of South West Somalia.

These operations come amid a series of intensified actions against Al-Shabaab in the Bay and Bakool regions. The efforts involve collaboration between the army, local residents, and South West state security, aimed at dismantling the militant group’s presence.


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