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SSC Khatumo leader accuses Somaliland of mobilizing for SSC invasion

Wednesday May 1, 2024

Las Anod(HOL) — Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali Firdhiye, the leader of SSC Khatumo, said that Somaliland is mobilizing troops and military vehicles to the Oog battlefronts and potentially planning an attack on the Sool region. Tensions are escalating with SSC Khatumo amidst preparations for the 33rd anniversary of the breakaway region's declaration of independence.

Firdhiye that traditional elders in Somaliland should not impose a secretive peace to cover up what he describes as Somaliland's invasion of SSC territories.

Firdhiye challenged Somaliland elders to address the real issues of invasion and violence against the SSC, allegedly orchestrated by Muse Bihi. "Your peace proposals in Burco claim to resolve issues, but they lack real substance; this is not true peace, and we refuse to be subdued," Firdhiye declared.

He also reported that militias under the command of the Somaliland administration killed innocent civilians in the SSC region. Firdhiye expressed his frustration with the continuous conflict and his dismay at the targeting of his people, signalling an end to his patience and friendly relations with Somaliland.

Firdhiye urged SSC troops to stay alert against further invasions from Somaliland. He is confident Somaliland will not succeed in any new attempts to conquer SSC land.

As Somaliland prepares to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of its independence on May 18th, reports indicate that the government is mobilizing troops and military vehicles to the Oog battlefronts. According to sources, Somaliland may be planning an attack on the Sool region after the anniversary celebrations.

Firdhiye's statement comes nearly a year after Somaliland forces were driven out of Lasanood, a city they had controlled for over 15 years.


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