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Security forces in Wanlaweyn district kill man after he murders ex-wife

Wednesday March 27, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) - A man was shot dead by security forces on Monday afternoon in the Wanlaweyn district in the northern Lower Shebelle region after he fatally shot his ex-wife, a mother of four.

The assailant, who has yet to be identified, used an AK47 to murder Zeynab Hussein Omar, his former spouse. 

Deputy Commissioner of Social Affairs for Wanlaweyn District, Ismail Haji Mukhtar Gacmadheere, reported that the assailant engaged security forces after committing the murder. Despite attempts to detain him peacefully, he was armed and combative, resulting in his death by the arresting officers.

Zeynab Hussein Omar leaves behind four children. The event shook the local community and has once again raised concerns over rising familial violence in Somalia, prompting calls for intervention and support for affected families.

Following a high-profile murder trial, Sayid Ali Moalin Haji Daoud was sentenced to death earlier this month by the Banadir Regional Court. In late January, Daoud killed his pregnant wife, Luul Abdiaziz, by setting fire to their home in Mogadishu.


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