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Senior military officer killed, soldiers missing in Lower Shabelle after Al Shabaab attack on Somali base

Sunday March 24, 2024

Liban Mohamed Abdulle (Golcad) - SUPPLIED/ SNA

Mogadishu (HOL) - Al Shabaab militants targeted a Somali government military base in the Lower Shabelle region near Buslee in a brazen early morning assault on Saturday. The attack resulted in the death of Senior Military Officer Liban Mohamed Abdulle (also known as Golcad) and left several soldiers missing. 

The Somali government has yet to issue a statement regarding the attack, and Al Shabaab's claim of killing more than 57 soldiers remains unverified.

Liban Mohamed Abdulle (Golcad), a notable figure in the Somali military police, was responsible for securing entry routes into Mogadishu, particularly those from the Lower Shabelle region. Originally a member of the Ahlu-Sunna Wal-Jamaa organization, he later joined the Somali National Army when his group was integrated in 2016. Abdulle, survived by his wife, three daughters, and three sons, was a native of Guriceel district in the central Galguduud and had trained as a medical doctor in Mogadishu, although he never practiced in the field. He was laid to rest in the capital.

The attack disrupts a period of relative peace in the Lower Shabelle region, signalling ongoing instability. The Somali government has not yet confirmed the full extent of casualties or damage resulting from the incident.

In response to the attack, military operations are ongoing in the vicinity of the targeted bases. This recent violence underscores the persistent threat of Al Shabaab in the area, following a period of comparative security in Mogadishu and its surroundings. The ongoing conflict with Al Shabaab continues, with Somali government forces battling the militant group in rural areas and small villages despite a decrease in initial conflict momentum.


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