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Ethiopian army intercepts illegal fuel bound for Somalia's Jubbaland State

Wednesday February 7, 2024

Jigjiga (HOL) - The Ethiopian National Defense Force announced on Wednesday that it had intercepted 30 barrels of petrol destined for Somalia's Jubbaland regional state to curb illegal fuel smuggling.

According to a statement released on the Defense Force's official Facebook page, the fuel, valued at an estimated 750,000 Ethiopian Birr, was confiscated in Dolow district in the Afdheer region. The vehicle transporting the fuel bore a license plate registered in the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, with the number 3 SM 05459.

The deputy commander of the subdivision emphasized that the army remains vigilant at all border crossings to apprehend the people in business contributing to inflation within the country.

The Somali region in Ethiopia shares a lengthy border with Somalia, facilitating trade and exchanges between the two populations residing on either side. However, instances occur where Ethiopia intercepts goods purchased from outside its borders.


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