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Somaliland requests direct international aid to bypass Somali government

Tuesday April 23, 2024

Hargeisa (HOL) —The breakaway Republic Somaliland has issued a formal request to international donors, urging them to channel donations directly to it instead of through the Somali government. This appeal was articulated in a detailed letter from Somaliland's Ministry of Planning, led by Ahmed Mohamed Diriye (Toorno), Minister of Planning and National Development.

The letter emphasizes working directly with the Government of Somaliland in accordance with established international aid protocols. "We acknowledge and appreciate the ongoing support of our partners," he said, "and must underline the critical need for direct interaction through official channels, which is consistent with international guidelines on aid."

Minister Diriye's correspondence also stressed that international aid should remain neutral and not be influenced by political conflicts. It should focus on uplifting the well-being of all individuals, including vulnerable groups, irrespective of their political affiliations. Despite lacking formal diplomatic recognition, the letter points out that many states have successfully received aid through special arrangements.


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