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Mogadishu military court sentences four in armed robbery spree

Sunday April 21, 2024

MOGADISHU (HOL) — A Military Court in Mogadishu has sentenced four individuals, including security officials, to prison for their involvement in a series of armed robberies and alcohol consumption. Second Inspector Aslub Noor Idle Salad, Constable Abdisalan Arwah Sharif, and Constable Mohamed Nur Ahmed received an eight-year sentence. Nimco Mohamud Ali, the only woman in the group, was sentenced to five years in a military prison.

The Court of First Instance of the Armed Forces found that the group used a vehicle to commit robberies across various districts in Mogadishu, targeting fourteen individuals. The court proceedings revealed that Ali was responsible for hiding the stolen goods, and the group’s vehicle was strategically placed to mislead security forces.

Security forces arrested the suspects in the eighth month of the previous year when they found the vehicle in a garage in the Hodan district. The court noted that ample time had been given for the defence before delivering the sentences.


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