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Bodies of man and ex-wife found in bullet-proof vehicle in Mogadishu

Sunday April 21, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) — The bodies of a man and his ex-wife were discovered in a bullet-proof vehicle parked near the National Theater in Mogadishu on Saturday, shocking residents and authorities.

According to relatives, the bodies were identified as Abukar Yusuf Ibrahim and Hamdi Abdulkadir Abdulle, who had been missing for the past three days. The circumstances surrounding their deaths remain unclear.

Ibrahim, the deceased man, was reportedly the driver of Mohamed Zubeer, the permanent secretary in the office of Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre.

Abdulkadir Abdulle, the father of the deceased woman, told the media that they had been searching for his daughter for three days before discovering her body alongside her ex-husband in the vehicle.

The bodies have been transported to the CID center for investigation into the reasons behind the killings. Meanwhile, the families of the deceased have demanded justice from the federal government, seeking answers and accountability for the tragic deaths.


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