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Ethiopia's Islamic council raises alarm over targeted Muslim attacks in Amhara region

Wednesday April 10, 2024


Addis Ababa (HOL) - The Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Ethiopia has raised alarms over the targeted attacks on Muslims in the Amhara region. The Council described the attacks, including killings, bombings, and kidnappings, as creating a climate of fear among Muslims.

Recent reports highlighted a particularly brutal attack in Bahir Dar, where individuals were killed after evening prayers. Violence in Mota and Gondar has also caused widespread fear.

In the Amhara region, the Council reported the tragic deaths of over 80 individuals, with many others displaced and subjected to severe crimes. On April 7, 2024, in Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara province, gunmen reportedly killed a family of four and their neighbours after they had attended prayers at a mosque.

The Council noted the killing of a Muslim in Mota and the frequent attacks on mosques in Gondar.

The Amhara conflict, beginning in April 2023, pits regional forces and the Fano militia against the Ethiopian government. The conflict ensued when the Ethiopian army moved to disarm the Amhara special forces and their allies, leading to armed resistance and protests in cities like Gondar, Kobo, Sekota, and Weldiya.


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