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Airstrike kills several al-Shabab militants in Mudug region

Monday April 8, 2024

Dhusamareb (HOL) - Several al-Shabab militants were killed in an airstrike in the Barag Garguurte area, which is one of the villages near the Harardhere district in the Mudug region on Monday.

The location of the airstrike is approximately 20 kilometers away from the Harardhere district in the southern part of the Mudug region.

According to a statement from the federal government, the drones targeted places where members of al-Shabab had been gathering in the area over the past few days.

"These days, the Khawarij have been bringing vehicles into the area. The airstrike destroyed army vehicles and killed members of the terrorists. Three vehicles were also burnt," the statement added.

The government did not specify the number of militants killed in the airstrike but mentioned that the group suffered a significant loss.

The attack in Barag Garguurte coincides with most of the areas in the southern part of the Mudug region being under the control of the al-Shabab group.


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