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Somali businessman robbed of $31,000 in Nairobi's Eastleigh district

Tuesday April 2, 2024

Stores in the Eastleigh district of Nairobi, Kenya.Photographer: Patrick Meinhardt/Bloomberg

Nairobi (HOL) - A Somali businessman was shot and robbed of approximately $31,000 in Nairobi's Eastleigh neighbourhood. The victim, identified as 26-year-old Adan Ali Mohamed, was attacked while riding his motorcycle along Muratina Street on Saturday morning.

Mohamed, who was attacked while riding his motorcycle, intended to deposit the cash at a bank in the BBS Mall. Finding the bank closed, he was returning home when an assailant, also on a motorcycle, intercepted and robbed him. The victim is currently hospitalized with injuries to his ankle and shoulder but remains in stable condition.

Authorities have intensified their search for the suspect amid growing concerns over the rise in motorcycle-related crimes in the area. With the recent opening of a large shopping mall and the upcoming Eid celebrations, the local community calls for enhanced security measures to safeguard against further violence and theft.

The Eastleigh Chamber of Commerce, represented by Secretary-General Omar Hussein, emphasizes the urgent need for a robust response to these security challenges, especially in light of the incident's proximity to police facilities and the critical festive period ahead.


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