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Faysal Ali Warabe warns Somaliland government about election disruptions

Thursday June 6, 2024

Hargeisa (HOL) —  UCID Party Chairman Faysal Ali Warabe issued a warning to the Somaliland government and the election commission on Wednesday, cautioning against actions that could disrupt the upcoming election process.

Warabe voiced concerns over a new tool proposed for the elections, suggesting it could lead to delays. He directed a stern warning to President Muse Bihi Abdi, emphasizing the need to avoid complications.

"On November 13, if the election is held on December 13, that seat will be vacant, and we will hold the second Borama meeting. Either you will go through an election, or you will go through the people's vote," Warabe said.

He criticized the introduction of new election equipment, as mentioned by Minister Buuni, claiming that the Electoral Commission and the government were aware of the equipment but reacted negatively when their knowledge was exposed.

"There is no need for what you are doing. We will use what we have. Minister Buuni should be grateful for sharing the information. Why are you telling him what you told us?" Warabe questioned.

Additionally, Warabe accused the Kulmiye and Waddani parties of contributing to Somaliland's political problems, noting that the leaders of both parties originated from Kulmiye and are causing division.


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