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President William Ruto interview: What’s Kenya’s role on the global stage?

Thursday June 6, 2024

Redi Tlhabi discusses Kenya’s role as a US ally and security partner with President William Ruto.

United States President Joe Biden hosted Kenyan President William Ruto on the first official visit by an African head of state since 2008. The two leaders discussed a deepening partnership around US investments in Kenya’s trade, technology, green initiatives and debt relief.

Biden has designated Kenya as a major non-NATO ally, while rivals like China and Russia have grown in influence on the continent.

The trip bolstered Kenya’s reputation as a peacemaker in neighbouring conflicts, like Sudan’s civil war, and on the global stage. In Haiti, Kenya is leading a multinational peacekeeping mission funded by the US, with 1,000 Kenyan police officers deploying imminently to fight gangs in Port-Au-Prince.

Kenya’s closeness to the US amid public outrage over US support for Israel has also raised questions. The East African nation supports a ceasefire and two-state solution, but has fallen short of condemning US policy towards Israel amid its eight-month-long military assault on Gaza.

So how is Kenya handling a close US alliance amid regional and international conflict? And will Ruto’s policies withstand mounting criticism?

On this special episode of South to North, Redi Tlhabi sits down with Kenyan President William Ruto to discuss Kenya’s diplomatic and military peacekeeping efforts as well as its global standing.


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