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Jubbaland warns instigators as clan conflict in Luuq escalates with over 10 dead

Sunday July 7, 2024

Kismayo (HOL) – The Jubbaland administration has issued a stern warning to those involved in the conflict in the Luuq district of the Gedo region, where intense fighting between two clan militias has resulted in over ten deaths and numerous injuries in the past two days.

Jubbaland Vice President Mahamud Sayid Adan stated that anyone instigating the conflict between the two clans would face severe consequences. He emphasized that the administration is urgently working to resolve the dispute in Luuq.

The clash involved two local clan militias, with both sides using light and heavy weapons. The violence has reportedly led to several deaths and injuries among combatants and civilians, though the exact number of casualties remains unknown.

The fighting has also resulted in the burning of many houses. Reports indicate that soldiers from the Somali Federal Government's military, operating in the Luuq district, have taken sides in the conflict, further complicating the situation.

Residents of Luuq have begun fleeing their homes due to the escalating violence. Recent reports suggest that the militias are receiving support from government forces stationed in the city, exacerbating the conflict.

Adan strongly appealed to the traditional leaders of both clans, urging them to fulfill their roles as elders in stopping the conflict. He instructed them to order the fighting youths to cease hostilities immediately.

The Gedo regional administration, speaking to the media, issued a warning to the government forces involved in the conflict, calling on them to help stop the clash between the two clans.

Regional authorities have expressed concern about the escalating conflict in the Luuq district. Federal soldiers' involvement in the fighting has raised questions about the neutrality of military forces in such local disputes.


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