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President Mohamud accuses al-Shabab of instigating clan conflicts to disrupt military operations

Sunday July 7, 2024

Mogadishu (HOL) - Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud reiterated that the al-Shabab group has been instigating conflicts among clans in several regions of the country to create discord.

Speaking on Saturday at the opening of the 5th session of the Lower House of the Somali Parliament, President Mohamud emphasized that the group aims to disrupt the second phase of the government's operation to liberate areas still under al-Shabab control.

"It is part of the terrorists' plan to turn our people against each other to divert attention from the liberation of the country. That will not happen. We are making our country peaceful and expelling the Khawarij from the country," said President Hassan Sheikh.

The president praised the efforts of regional governments and traditional elders in ending clan conflicts in the Mudug region, which have resulted in nearly 30 deaths and 50 injuries.

Recent inter-clan conflicts have occurred in the Galgadud region, Luuq district, Mudug region, and Lower Shabelle region. Jubbaland regional state leader Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe called for an immediate cessation of hostilities between two rival clan militia forces in the Luuq district of the Gedo region on Friday.



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