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Somalia pays $7.8m towards EAC budget

Sunday July 7, 2024

Somalia's President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud speaks during a past interview inside his office at the presidential palace in Mogadishu, Somalia on May 28, 2022. PHOTO | REUTERS

Somalia has paid $7.8 million, its full budget contribution dues for the financial year 2024/25.

Mogadishu beat the Democratic Republic of Congo, which joined the bloc two years ago and is yet to contribute a cent.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s government sent in $7,853,071 last month, just before the EAC budget was presented before the legislative assembly.

The Somalia contribution therefore saw the budget grow from $103,842,880 in Financial Year 2023/24 to $112,984,442 in 2024/25.

“The joining of Somalia places additional responsibilities and obligations to the EAC Organs and Institutions,” said MP Kennedy Mukulia, when he presented a report of the Committee General Purposes.

“Whereas the budget of the Community may seem to have increased, it should be noted that this increase is largely attributed to the contribution of $7,853,071 from Somalia.”

As at June 2024, DRC owed the EAC $14.7 million, Burundi $11.2 million and South Sudan $8.6 million in contributions to the budget.

Kenya had paid its full contributions. Other EAC partner states have minimal arrears, with Rwanda owing $920,869, Uganda $200,203, and Tanzania, $122,694.

“There is an urgent need for disbursement of the outstanding contributions for FY’2023/2024, as well as arrears, to facilitate the activities of the financial year ending on 30th June 2024,” Mr Mukulia said.

Somalia recently reaffirmed its commitment to integrating into the EAC, demonstrating strong participation in a pivotal regional meeting held last month in Nairobi.

“It’s now time to align Somalia’s national processes with regional frameworks to ensure comprehensive integration,” said Secretary-General Veronica Nduva at the event.

The roadmap will incorporate activities that should be jointly undertaken by Somalia and the EAC organs and institutions.

The Eala General Purpose Committee wants the integration process of Somalia to be jointly carried out together with that of South Sudan and the DRC, which are still lagging.

“Whereas the Committee appreciates the need to expeditiously integrate Somalia in the EAC, the organs and institutions are doing it in a disjointed manner, without a comprehensive roadmap to guide the process,” Mr Mukulia said.

“It was noted that the South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, who joined the Community before Somalia, are not yet fully integrated in the Community. The Committee recommends to the Assembly to urge the Council of Ministers to develop a comprehensive roadmap for the full integration of South Sudan, DRC and Somalia.”

The Eala MPs also recommended that the integration process take into consideration how each partner state contributes to the EAC budget.

“The Committee further recommends that the Assembly resolves that the implementation of this roadmap shall be subject to the concerned partner states honouring their financial contributions to the Community,” they said.


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